Elder Ones, Ethiopian Octopus, and Ted Zook April 14th in DC

On April 14, Elder Ones,  Ethiopian Octopus and Ted Zook at will perform at Bossa Bistro + Lounge; 2463 18th St NW, Washington, DC.

Elder Ones is the quartet performing the compositions of vocalist Amirtha Kidambi (Seaven Teares/Elizabeth-Caroline Unit).  It lies nestled in a venn diagram of musical spheres and communities in New York City.  Ms Kidambi and her collaborators saxophonist Matt Nelson (Battle Trance/Tune-Yards), bassist Brandon Lopez (Tongues, The Undermine Trio) and drummer Max Jaffe (JOBS, Unnatural Ways) have crossed paths in the DIY underbelly, in incestuous circles of free improvisers, and uncomfortable chairs in concert halls of angular new music.  The instrumentalists chosen for this project draw from a wide variety of vocabularies from hip-hop to free improv, each bringing their own highly individual sound to the group.  The quartet uses composed material and loose structures as a template for improvisation.  Oscillating between worlds of modal Sufi-like circular grooves and free improvisation to jagged rhythmic precision and meditative drones, Thyagaraja, Coltrane or Stockhausen could be equally suspected as illegitimate fathers of their sound.

Ethiopian Octopus is a solo keyboard project of Araya Woldemichael.  Araya is a founder of the Washington DC-based Ethio-Jazz group, Feedel Band. His formal training in music began in Ethiopia and ended was completed in Moscow, Russia. After arriving to the US he quickly started playing with local musicians in restaurants and clubs.  During this period he had an opportunity to play with legendary Ethiopian musicians Mahmoud Ahmed, Alemayehu Eshete, Tilahun Gessesse and Aster Aweke.

Ted Zook is primarily a nylon-string guitarist, but he also plays basscello through digital signal processors and a variety of digitally-processed, non-traditional analog instruments such as bowls, rainsticks, slidewhistle, whistle-flutes, oceanharp, etc.  He began his study of the guitar in Chile and Uruguay (the latter under the guidance of Luis Acosta), and continued upon his return to the U.S. in the early 1960s under Sophocles Papas (classical) and Frank Mullen (jazz).   David Darling (https://goo.gl/LUIStb) is Ted’s mentor in improvisation.  In 2016, Ted was recognized as a Steinberger Artist.   Currently, Ted regularly plays experimental music in the Baltimore/Washington DC area.