Vision Festival 22 Lineup and Schedule Announced

Charles Gayle

Source: Arts for Art.

Digital Primitives
Gerald Cleaver’s Black Host
Carl Hancock Rux
In Order to Survive
Yoshiko Chuma School of Hard Knocks
Miya Masaoka String Stories
Tomas Fujiwara Double Trio
Trio 3
Visionary Youth Orchestra
Whit Dickey / Mat Maneri / Matthew Shipp
K.J. Holmes
Jason Kao Hwang Burning Bridge
Tracie Morris
Charles Gayle
Odean Pope
Jesus Papoleto Melendez
Darius Jones
Djassi Dacosta Johnson / Shayna Dulberger
Tomeka Reid Artifacts
Chicago Plan
Joe McPhee Dream Book
Fred Moten
Dave Burrell
Oluyemi Thomas Positive Knowledge
Tony Malaby / Mat Manieri / Daniel Levin
Ivo Perelman Quartet
David Murray Trio
Oliver Lake / William Parker


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