The Bridge Ensembles Tour Dates, Chicago and Elsewhere

Mwata Bowden

May 6 – 18

Pierre Antoine Badaroux — alto sax
Jean-Luc Guionnet — alto sax, pipe organ
Jim Baker — piano, keyboards, synthetizers
Jason Roebke — double bass

5/6, The American-Indian Center: “The Bridge to Native Chicago: A music Exchange of Jazz and Songs of the Southern Plains”, 7pm

5/7, Logan Center for the Arts: quartet concert followed by a debate moderated by Sam Pluta, 6.00pm

5/7, The Hungry Brain: lineup TBD, 9.30pm

5/8, Elastic Arts: P.A. Badaroux, J.L. Guionnet, Nick Mazzarella & Mars Williams alto saxophone quartet, 9pm

5/9, Irving Park United Methodist Church: J.L. Guionnet pipe organ solo, 7pm

5/9, The Whistler: P.A. Badaroux & Jean-Luc Guionnet + Ben Lamar Gay, Mwata Bowden, Harrison Bankhead & Isaihah Spencer

5/10, Chicago Temple: J.L. Guionnet solo pipe organ during the ceremony. 10pm

5/10, The Promontory: the quartet plays with Tatsuo Aoki (bass), Kioto A. (taiko drums), Jonathan Chen (violin) & Lou Mallozzi (turntables & electronics). 8pm.

5/11, Comfort Station: P.A. Badaroux, Jim Baker & illusionist Sean Masterson site-specific performance, 7pm

5/11, Elastic Arts: quartet concert, 2nd set with guest Fred Lonberg-Holm + TBA, 9.15pm

5/12, Experimental Sound Studio: quartet concert, 7.30pm
Jean-Luc Guionnet’s visail work will be exhibited in the gallery!

5/13, Corbett vs Dempsey: Jean-Luc Guionnet saxophone solo, 3pm

5/14, Woodland Pattern (Milwaukee, WI): quartet concert, 7pm

5/15, Beat Kitchen: P.A. Badaroux & J.L. Guionnet perform with Extraordinary Popular Delusions, 9pm

5/16, Doug Fogelson Studio: quartet concert, 9pm

5/17, Constellation: P.A. Badaroux, J.L. Guionnet & Jim Baker play two sets with Christian Dillingham & Mikel Patrick Avery. Greg Ward joins in the second set. 8.30pm

5/18: TBA

Bridge Work Ahead !

France, October 2017 — THE BRIDGE #0
Fred Jackson Jr. — saxophones
Stéphane Payen — saxophones
Makaya McCraven — drums
Edward Perraud — drums

Chicago, November 2017 — THE BRIDGE #9
Mike Ladd — spoken word, electronics
Mankwe Ndosi — voice
Sylvain Kassap — clarinets
Dana Hall — drums

France, February 2018 — THE BRIDGE #14
Keefe Jackson — saxophones, clarinets
Dave Rempis — saxophones
Christine Wodrascka — piano
Didier Lasserre — drums
Peter Orins — drums

Chicago, May 2018 — A PRIDE OF LIONS [THE BRIDGE #11]
Daunik Lazro — baritone and tenor saxophones
Joe McPhee — tenor saxophone, pocket trumpet
Joshua Abrams — double bass, guimbri
Guillaume Séguron — double bass
Chad Taylor — drums, mbira