Upcoming Anthony Braxton Performances

Anthony Braxton playing a contrabass saxophone

Source: Tri-Centric Foundation.

Wed March 15
5:30PM Anthony Braxton talk at Hanes Art Gallery
(Taylor Ho Bynum workshop on Tri-Centric musical systems at 6:30PM, Rachel Bernsen, Kyoko Kitamura, Carl Testa interdisciplinary performance at 7:30PM, both at nearby Brendle Auditorium)

Thu March 16
7:00PM Anthony Braxton Sextet performing ZIM Music at SECCA with AB, Taylor Ho Bynum: cornet, brass; Dan Peck: tuba; Shelley Burgon and Jacqui Kerrod: harps; Tomeka Reid: cello

Ongoing until May 28: SoundSee+Remix Cage / Braxton / Marclay, exhibition of graphic scores at Hanes Art Gallery and SECCA.
Next month, Anthony performs in New Haven as part of Firehouse 12 Records 10th Anniversary Festival (two-day festival pass is sold out but individual evening tickets just went on sale and are available).

Sat April 29
8:30PM&10PM Anthony Braxton Septet performing at Firehouse 12 with AB: clarinet, electronics, saxophone; Adam Matlock: accordion; Taylor Ho Bynum: cornet; Dan Peck: tuba; Shelley Burgon and Jacqueline Kerrod: harps; Tomeka Reid: cello