Roulette’s Spring Calendar

Tim Berne

Source: New York’s Roulette.

Spring season highlights include John Zorn presenting two of his game pieces, Cobra and Xu Feng on Saturday, May 6, Joan La Barbara honoring her 70th birthday with the premiere of new work inspired by visual artist Joseph Cornell on Wednesday, May 24, and [DANCEROULETTE] performances from Stephanie Skura, Sally Silvers, and Biba Bell.

On Tuesday, April 4, Roulette presents two sets of original music from pianist Matt Mitchell and saxophonist Tim Berne. For the first set, Matt Mitchell will perform Tim Berne’s music from the new album førage on Screwgun Records, followed by Mitchell and Berne playing duo versions of their original compositions.

The following day, Wednesday, April 5, composer Phil Kline, filmmaker Jim Jarmusch, mezzo-soprano Jacqueline Horner, pianist Kathleen Supové, and percussionist David Cossin perform past, present, and future work, including music from Kline’s upcoming album and two theater works-in-progress. The program will feature Kline and Jarmusch performing feedback improvisation over a composed bed played on 24 boomboxes, framed by projections of footage of NYC shot by Thomas Edison.

The following week, on Monday, April 10, New York composer Fast Forward presents Octopoda, a program of solo compositions, as well as performances and works by small ensembles ranging from as far back as 1986 to the present day. The program will include solo works for bicycle handlebars and steel pan performed by Fast Forward, as well as ensemble works for guitar, voice, and percussion.

Transcendental Geometry from Contemporaneous on Tuesday, April 11 will explore new music written with non-traditional tunings from around the world. While most of the music heard in the United States is created in “equal-temperament,” the system of tuning used by the modern piano, the program will explore the music of the broader world using entirely different pitches.

On Wednesday, April 12, rising Czech composer Lucie Vítková prepares OPERA, a new evening piece for singing instrumentalists with visuals. The piece will take the traditional musical form of opera filled by contemporary and experimental music materials, written for singing musicians playing harp, saxophone, flute, theremin, accordion and oboe. OPERA is based on utopian thinking and its environment includes sound, visuals, fashion and movement.