The Stone to Move to the New School 

John Zorn (cropped version)

Source The New York Times. Good news for the Stone!

The Stone, a tiny but influential performance space that has been a fixture of the New York experimental music scene since it opened in 2005, has a new home. Its founder and artistic director, the composer John Zorn, announced on Wednesday that it will move from the East Village to Greenwich Village and take up residence at the New School’s College of Performing Arts.

Starting in March 2018, the Stone at the New School, as it will be officially known, will offer one concert a night at 8:30 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday, in the Glass Box Theater, a ground-level space with large windows along West 13th Street in Arnhold Hall, the recently renovated home of the College of Performing Arts.

AMN Picks of the Week: Haunted Me / Jessica Ackerley / The League of Assholes / Rich Halley / Skullflower / 9T Antiope

Here is where I post, at a frequency of about once a week, a list of the new music that has caught my attention that week. All of the releases listed below I’ve heard for the first time this week and come recommended.

Haunted Me – Plague (2017)
Jessica Ackerley Trio – Coalesce (2017)
The League of Assholes – In Ogre Ate (2017)
Rich Halley / Carson Halley – The Wild (2017)
Skullflower – The Spirals of Great Harm (2017)
9T Antiope – Isthmus (2017)

The Free Jazz Collective Reviews

avant-garde pianist Matthew Shipp

Source: The Free Jazz Collective.

Unnatural Ways – We Aliens (Tzadik, 2016) ****
Momentum – Momentum (Clean Feed, 2016) ***½
John Butcher, Thomas Lehn, Matthew Shipp – Tangle (Fataka, 2016) ****½
The Core Trio Featuring Matthew Shipp – Live (Evil Rabit, 2016) ****
John Lindberg BC3 – Born in an Urban Ruin (Clean Feed, 2016) ***½
John Lindberg Raptor Trio – Western Edges (Clean Feed, 2016) ***½
Gropper, Graupe, Lillinger – Riot (WhyPlayJazz, 2016) ****
Themroc 3 (WhyPlayJazz, 2016) ****
Punkt 3 – Ordnung Herrscht (Clean Feed, 2016) ****
Zur Schönen Aussicht -Willkommen Zuhause (Whyplayjazz, 2016)
Sylvie Courvoisier & Mary Halvorson – Crop Circles (Relative Pitch, 2017) ****½

March at the IBeam Brooklyn 

English: Zeena Parkins performing with Cosa Br...

Source: IBeam Brooklyn.

Deric Dickens Presents
Thursday, March 2nd 8:30 PM $15 Suggested Donation
Aaron Quin – Guitar
Deric Dickens – DrumsMughal Muesli
Xavier Del Castillo – Tenor Sax
Vicente Hansen – Drums
Mat Muntz – Double Bass
Liebowitz / Lyons / Filiano / Wimberly

Friday, March 3rd 8:00 PM $15 Suggested Donation
Duo (8:00 pm)
Carol Liebowitz – piano
Nick Lyons – alto saxophone
Quartet (9:00 pm)
Carol Liebowitz – piano
Nick Lyons – alto saxophone
Ken Filiano – bass
Michael Wimberly – drums

4bandits + Marius Duboule Recollections
Saturday, March 4th 8:00 PM $15 Suggested Donation
Michel Maurer 4bandits
Peyton Pleninger, tenor saxophone
Alex Levine, guitar
Dan Martinez, bass
Michel Maurer, drums
Marius Duboule Recollections
Marius Duboule, guitar
Peyton Pleninger, tenor saxophone
Michel Maurer, drums

FLYWAYS : 3 Birds : Maviel / Lane / Bloom
Friday, March 10th 8:00 PM $15 Suggested Donation
Anais Maviel Voice & Drum
Adam Lane Bass
Mara Rosenbloom Piano & Composition
Flyways are the migratory patterns of birds – navigating them takes a strong connection to one’s own center of gravity, and also an unwavering sensitivity to the movement of the flock. Tonight this ensemble will perform a piece that follows the text of an Adrienne Rich love poem, through a work titled “I know what I dreamed,” in continuance of Rich’s work towards “a society without domination.” LOVE.
8:00pm & 9:00pm Sets

Barcelona meets Brooklyn + Eva Novoa Trio + Analog Sextet
Saturday, March 11th 7:30 PM $15 Suggested Donation
Barcelona meets Brooklyn
Eva Novoa, piano
Manel Fortià, bass
Eva Novoa Trio
Eva Novoa, piano
Kim Cass, bass
Devin Gray, drums
Analog Sextet
Sarah Bernstein, violin
Dave Scott, trumpet
Sean Sonderegger, tenor saxophone & bass clarinet
Eva Novoa, piano
Max Johnson, bass
Jeff Hirshfield, drums

Zeena Parkins
Saturday, March 25th 8:30 PM $15 Suggested Donation
8:30 Zeena Parkins/Mary Halvorson
9:30 Zeena Parkins & Leila Bordreuil

NY’s Sound It Out Series in March

English: Mary Halvorson, Jazz guitarist; Pictu...

Source: The Greenwich House.

Greenwich House Music School: 46 Barrow Street, just west of 7th Avenue South in New York City’s West Village;, 212-242-4770. Series producer: Bradley Bambarger

Saturday, March 4, 7:30 p.m. – Two sets of classical meets jazz!
Michael Bates’ Shostakovich Project
Michael Bates, double-bass/arrangements; Russ Johnson, trumpet; Greg Tardy, saxophone/clarinet; Russ Lossing, piano/Fender Rhodes; Michael Sarin, drums
Bassist Michael Bates’ Sunnyside album Acrobat: Music for, and by, Shostakovich was one of the highlights of 2011, presenting his ingenious reimagining of the great Russian composer’s music for jazz band. For his Sound It Out debut as a leader, Bates brings a great band to play pieces from that album – and arrangements for a second Shostakovich volume – at Greenwich House in two full sets. JazzTimes, reviewing Acrobat, praised Bates and company for “bringing these provocative pieces to life with their telepathic dynamic and sparkling improvisations.”
Tickets: $15 ($12 for students and seniors)

Thursday, March 16, 7:30 p.m. – Double-bill of duos!
Sylvie Courvoisier + Mary Halvorson & Mark Feldman
Sylvie Courvoisier, piano; Mary Halvorson, guitar; Mark Feldman, violin
Pianist Sylvie Courvoisier returns to Sound It Out with a double-bill of duos, featuring kindred-spirit violinist Mark Feldman and the fantastic guitarist Mary Halvorson. About her long-running duo with her violinist husband, Chamber Music America said: “Courvoisier and Feldman create personalized musical abstractions that – like a Giacometti sculpture or a Pollack painting – transport the listener to a space where the rules may not be apparent but the emotional response sure is.” The Feldman-Courvoisier duo will perform the world premiere of Sylvie’s Chamber Music America New Jazz Work commission, Time Gone Out. As for the duo of Sylvie and Mary Halvorson, they have their first duo album, Crop Circles, out via Relative Pitch. The Wall Street Journal has described the ever-exploratory yet ever-popular Halvorson as “one of the most exciting and original guitarists in jazz – or otherwise.”
Tickets: $20 ($18 for students and seniors)

Saturday, March 25, 7:30 p.m. – All-star double-bill!
Wadada Leo Smith & Angelica Sanchez + Angelica Sanchez Trio w/ Michael Formanek & Tyshawn Sorey
Wadada Leo Smith, trumpet; Angelica Sanchez, piano
Angelica Sanchez, piano; Michael Formanek, double-bass; Tyshawn Sorey, drums
The duo of iconic trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith and pianist Angelica Sanchez returns to Greenwich House to play the first half of this mighty double-bill revolving around Angelica, long a Sound It Out favorite. Dusted magazine, reviewing the duo’s 2014 album Twine Forest, said: “Wadada Leo Smith and the superb pianist Angelica Sanchez produce a recital whose main ingredients are touch, feel, resonance and a real emphasis on the presence of a note, a chord. Smith’s trumpet playing is widely celebrated for possessing these virtues, but Sanchez convinces throughout with her musicality, restraint and creativity.” This show’s second half will feature the pianist’s new trio with the great bassist Michael Formanek and ever in-demand drummer Tyshawn Sorey, with the group celebrating the release of their new Clean Feed album, Float the Edge.
Tickets: $25 ($20 for students and seniors)

Friday, March 31, 7:30 p.m. – Cross-generational double-bill!
Ralph Alessi solo + Alex Koo, Mark Turner & Ralph Alessi
Ralph Alessi, trumpet
Alex Koo Derudder, piano; Mark Turner, tenor saxophone; Ralph Alessi, trumpet
For this double-bill, virtuoso trumpeter Ralph Alessi opens with a rare solo set. Then up-and-coming pianist Alex Koo Derudder, a native of Belgium, teams with Alessi and the ever-absorbing saxophonist Mark Turner for a cross-generational chamber-jazz trio. Alex has studied with some of the best – Brad Mehldau, Kenny Werner, Barry Harris – and came to the U.S. from Amsterdam on a Fulbright Scholarship. Mark and Ralph, both ECM recording artists, are two of today’s most influential players. About Ralph, DownBeat said: “Alessi works between the notes, his thoughtful, conversational solos as meditative as a calligrapher’s art, each line free-flowing and declarative but with immaculate shape and beauty.” And about Turner, NPR said: “He has an innovative sonic signature – a certain floating chromaticism, rhythmic mindfulness and lightness of tone, filled with subtleties. Basically, his music has personality, which keeps the best musicians ringing his phone, and the aspiring ones listening hard.”
Tickets: $18 ($15 for students and seniors)

March at the Stone

Source: New York’s Stone.

3/1 Wednesday (HM)
830 pm
Tim Berne (alto sax) Mary Halverson (guitar) Oscar Noriega (drums) Jeong Lim Yang (bass)

3/2 Thursday (HW)
830 pm
Oscar Noriega (alto sax) Denman Maroney (guitar) Tom Rainey (drums)

3/3 Friday (AP)
830 pm
Oscar Noriega (alto sax) Mary Halvorson (guitar) Trevor Dunn (bass) Dan Weiss (drums)

3/4 Saturday (RK)
830 pm
Oscar Noriega (alto saxophone) Jeff Parker (guitar) Trevor Dunn (bass) Ben Perowsky (drums)

3/5 Sunday (HM)
830 pm
Oscar Noriega (alto sax, bass clarinet) Jeff Parker (guitar) Dezron Douglas (bass) Pheeroan akLaff (drums)

3/7 Tuesday (SK)
830 pm
I Don’t Hear Nothin’ but the Blues
Jon Irabagon (sax) Ava Mendoza (guitar) Mick Barr (guitar) Mike Pride (drums)

3/8 Wednesday (HW)
830 pm
Jon Irabagon Organ Trio
Jon Irabagon (sax) Gary Versace (organ) Nasheet Waits (drums)

3/9 Thursday (DDT)
830 pm
Jon Irabagon Trio featuring Barry Altschul and Mark Helias
Jon Irabagon (sax) Mark Helias (bass) Barry Altschul (drums)

3/10 Friday (NB)
830 pm
Jon Irabagon Ensemble
Tim Hagans (trumpet) Jon Irabagon (saxophone) Hank Roberts (cello) Matt Mitchell (piano) Chris Lightcap (bass) Dan Weiss (drums)

3/11 Saturday (HM)
830 pm
Sirius Quartet with Jon Irabagon and Myra Melford
Fung Chern Hwei (violin) Gregor Huebner (violin) Ron Lawrence (viola) Jeremy Harman (cello) Jon Irabagon (saxophone) Myra Melford (piano)

3/12 Sunday (NB)
830 pm
Tim Hagans (trumpet) Jon Irabagon (saxophone) Uri Caine (piano) Michael Formanek (bass) Tyshawn Sorey (drums)

3/14 Tuesday (BS)
830 pm
Vocal Music: “Claudius Smith,” “In Eden, I”
Megan Schubert (soprano) Lisa Karrer (alto) Denman Maroney (piano) Ratzo Harris (bass) David Simons (drums)

3/15 Wednesday (LC)
830 pm
Piano Trio alt.times
Denman Maroney (piano) Ratzo Harris (bass) Bob Meyer (drums)

3/16 Thursday (AR)
830 pm
Quintet: “Udentity”
Denman Maroney (piano) Nate Wooley (trumpet) Ned Rothenberg (reeds) Reuben Radding (bass) Michael Sarin (drums)

3/17 Friday (ICS)
830 pm
Vocal Music
Denman Maroney (piano) Lisa Karrer (alto) Nate Wooley (trumpet) Arthur Kell (bass) David Simons (drums)
“Music for Words, Perhaps” Denman Maroney (piano) Lisa Karrer (alto) “A Thought Revolved” Denman Maroney (piano) Lisa Karrer (alto) Nate Wooley (trumpet) Arthur Kell (bass) David Simons (drums)

3/18 Saturday (ICS)
830 pm
Denman Maroney (piano) Mark Dresser (bass) Hans Tammen (live processing)

3/19 Sunday (LC)
830 pm
Piano Trio alt.times
Denman Maroney (piano) Ratzo Harris (bass) Bob Meyer (drums)

3/21 Tuesday (AK)
830 pm
We Are the Walrus
Thomas Buckner (baritone) Robert Dick (flutes)
Two long time musical collaborators who always surprise each other and themselves!

3/22 Wednesday (AK)
830 pm
Dissonant Geranium
Miya Masaoka (koto) Ken Filiano (bass) Robert Dick (flutes)
Robert has played many times with Miya in duo and with Ken in a wide range of ensembles. This is the first outing for this intensively colorful trio.

3/23 Thursday (AR)
830 pm
Raise the River—Flutes and Drums
Tiffany Chang (drums) Robert Dick (flutes)
Primal music from the next dimension.

3/24 Friday (RK)
830 pm
The Time Between Us
Stephanie Griffin (viola) Ned Rothenberg (alto sax, bass clarinet, shakuhachi) Satoshi Takeishi (drums) Robert Dick (flutes)

3/25 Saturday (AP)
830 pm
Bermuda Rectangle
Vince Bell (spoken word, vocals) David Mansfield (pedal steel, banjo, guitars) Ratzo B. Harris (bass) Robert Dick (flutes)

3/26 Sunday (JARP)
2 pm
Maestro Day: Henry Fraser (bass) Conor Baker (drums, percussion) Joe Moffett (trumpet) Sam Weinberg (alto sax)—Kim Anderson (voice, composition) Pete Moffett (drums) Lucia Stavros (harp) Michael Sachs (clarinet) Sam Decker (tenor sax)—Ted Reichman (accordion, composition)—Leo Hardman-Hill (trumpet, composition)—Steven Long (piano solo)—Rubin Holbein (trumpet solo)—Utsav Lal (piano solo)—DoYeon Kim (gayeguem solo)—Greene trio: Will Greene (sax, composition) Sam Freibush (piano) Jon Starks (drums)—Christmas Gridlock:
Eric Stilwell (trombone, composition) Andres Abenante (guitar) Eladio Rojas (drums) Tree Palmedo (trumpet) Zach Lavine (bass)—Ruthless Moon: Caroline Kuhn (voice, banjo) Sam Talmadge (guitar) Dan Klingsberg (bass) Elise Leavy (voice, accordion)—Aradia: Drew Wesely (guitar, composition) Dan O’Brien (reeds) Utsav Lal (piano) Burcu Gulec (voice)
The program: Maestro Day—Kim Anderson—Ted Reichman—Leo Hardman-Hill—Steven Long—Rubin Holbein—Utsav Lal—DoYeon Kim—Greene trio—Christmas Gridlock—Ruthless Moon—Aradia

830 pm
Our Cells Know
Robert Dick (contrabass flute solo)

3/28 Tuesday (RS)
830 pm
Diaspora Special Edition
Arturo O’Farrill (piano) Peter Apfelbaum (sax) Brad Jones (bass) Billy Martin (drums) Steven Bernstein (trumpet)

3/29 Wednesday (DDT)
830 pm
Briggan Krauss (sax) Tony Scherr (bass) Kenny Wollesen (drums) Steven Bernstein (trumpet)

3/30 Thursday (SK)
830 pm
Millennial Territory Orchestra
Doug Wieselman (reeds) Peter Apfelbaum (reeds) Erik Lawrence (reeds) Curtis Fowlkes (trombone) Charlie Burnham (violin) Matt Munisteri (guitar) Ben Allison (bass) Ben Perowsky (drums) Steven Bernstein (trumpet)

3/31 Friday (RP)
830 pm
Spanish Fly
Steven Bernstein (trumpet) Marcus Rojas (tuba) Dave Tronzo (guitar)