AMN Reviews: Haunted Me – Plague (2017; Bandcamp)

Here is a uniquely-positioned dark ambient offering from Claudio Begovic, aka Haunted Me. Influenced by Brian Eno and William Basinski as much as the northern European pioneers of that broadly defined category, Begovic’s latest covers a lot of ground across its seven tracks.

Incorporating oscillations, rhythmic object percussion, echoing bass lines, boiling soundscapes, slow electric guitar themes, and harsh noise wall components, Plague is not only remarkable for its diversity, but also its singularly compelling nature. No two of these tracks sound like one another, whereas most artists that incorporate any one of the aforementioned styles tend to stick with that particular approach. In contrast, Begovic produces sound art that varies in dynamics, instrumentation, source material, and feel. These compositions are both complex and understated.

But even if one prefers not to analyze Plague by taking it apart, at a surface level the album is a disturbing and (yes) haunted journey through unfamiliar landscapes and moods. Plague could easily have been a soundtrack for a psychological horror movie, but works remarkably well as a standalone effort. Highly recommended.