AMN Reviews: Andrew Weathers & Seth Chrisman – Ogallala (2017; Full Spectrum)

fs054-coverWeathers and Chrisman return for their third release together, Ogallala. Here, the duo explores drones, plucked rustic instruments, object percussion, and field recordings.  Recorded in rural Texas, the album has a haunted desert feel, evoking post-industrial landscapes.

The four tracks include metal noises, rattling and scraping of objects, piano melodies, post-rock styled electric guitar, and the aforementioned drones. Acoustic guitar (or is it banjo?) adds to the vague southwestern character of the album.  But there is also a quiet ambiance to long sections of these pieces, where it is easy for the listener to ignore the details and just absorb the atmosphere.

According to the liner notes, “Weathers and Chrisman began to develop the raw tracks at night after spending their days performing [building] renovations…[a]fter spending long hours toiling under the Texas sun, they would collapse and drone out – a performative exhaustion ritual that bore rich fruits.” This captures the spirit of Ogallala quite well – an uncomfortable and temporary peacefulness.


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