New Jvtlandt Releases

Source: Jvtlandt.

M(h)ysteria Family Drug

“Family Drug” is the premiere recordings of M(h)ysteria, a new trio founded by Giovanni Di Domenico. While featuring the instrumentation of a classic organ trio, M(h)ysteria charges a rather darker path. Not a swinging session, this is an expression of coping with the chronic tensions of modern daily life, with its inherent distractions and mounting stress, as well as a larger feeling of foreboding. Its sound a symptom of a future glittering with menace.

Tigers Mind Paradiso Pudding Mix

tigers mind plays improvised music that ranges from the quiet and introspective to uncontrolled primal screams. They are interested in exploring extreme sound practices: high pitched piercing sounds, churning drones and cacophonic freejazz. They are inspired by consciousness expanding techniques and ritualistic music, scraping off layers off control and instrumental and compositional skill to tap into the music’s primitive, physical and anti-intellectual subcutis.