Magma with Le Metalïk Orkestraah Reviewed

Christian Vander Quartet in the twentieth musi...

Source: The Progressive Aspect. I think this is a first – Magma playing with a large orchestra.

The large ensemble launched into the whole of Ëmëhntëhtt-Ré with gusto and no little panache and subtlety. I recognised this one all right! After some tweaking of the mix, the sound engineers got the balance between Magma, led as ever by the magnificent drumming of the ever-youthful Christian Vander and the bass, currently supplied with grace and power by Philippe Bussonet, and the more delicate timbres of the Orkestraah just right.

Occasionally conducted enthusiastically by vibes player Benoît Alziary, the orchestra, while adding many layers to the sound, made the whole inevitably more subtle and intricate than the last time I witnessed the band in the much more intimate setting of Café OTO. However, this is not at the expense of Magma’s innate force, which came to the fore on the mighty Slag Tanz.