Ted Zook, LuxDeluxe, Others in DC February 10

tumblr_inline_mllxrlDWH71rkbrrhOn February 10, basscellist Ted Zook will be part of The Garden installation staged by The North Country at Dance Loft on 14, which is located at 4618 14th St. NW, 2nd floor. The Garden is described as an immersive art experience, built specifically as a visual accompaniment to a one-time only live musical performance. What a score is to a film, the garden is to this North Country show. Northampton’s LuxDeluxe will be opening, and The North Country will be the featured performer. The performance will include the horn section from The Harry Bells, led and arranged by Jonathan Parker; the set design is by Jen Miller. Tickets are $15; the event is all ages and doors open are at 7pm.


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