5049 Records Episode 102: Tim Berne/Matt Mitchell 

English: Tim Berne, jazz saxophonist; Picture ...

Source: 5049 Records.

Based in New York, Tim Berne is a prolific band leader and saxophonist who has been a central figure in the city’s creative jazz scene for over forty years. Since the very beginning, his work has been marked by intense creativity, soulfulness and a dogged spirit of independence. Among the many bands that he has lead over the years are Blood Count, Hard Cell, Paraphrase, Big Satan and others. On a recent Saturday, during an intense snow storm, I visited Tim at his home in Brooklyn, where we discussed his personal history, the current state of the NY jazz scene, his two new releases on Screwgun Records and a whole lot more. As an added bonus, today’s episode features a twenty five minute mini episode with pianist Matt Mitchell, discussing his new recording of interpretations of Tim Berne tunes for solo piano.