Edgetone Records Winter Releases

Source: Edgetone Records.

Running From Bears – Maul of America

Running From Bears is an adventurous Phoenix-based jazz sextet. Formed in 2007, the group is committed to the composition and performance of original works, along with the occasional reworking of popular songs. Each player/composer has a different composition and improvisation voice, yielding a forward-thinking and diverse group sound.
Eric Rasmussen – alto saxophone
Adam Roberts – tenor and soprano saxophones
Keith Kelly – tenor and baritone saxophones
Jeff Libman – guitar
Ben Hedquist – bass
Ryan Anthony – drums

The Harold Trio

After meeting as part of the Washington Women in Jazz and Women in Jazz Sweden exchange, Amy K Bormet (piano/wurlitzer/voice), Biggi Vinkeloe (alto saxophone/flute), and Tina Raymond (drumset) came together in Los Angeles in May 2016 to record their first album of both live and studio performances. All three women are international performers, working in places as diverse as India, Brazil, Uganda, and Sweden. Their music, which is truly spontaneous, defies categorization and draws from the trio’s knowledge of western art music, avant-garde jazz, and Indian classical music. What makes the Harold Trio compelling is the ease with which Amy, Biggi, and Tina merge their deep individual experiences, exhilarating musical personas, and sensitive improvised ensemble work.
Biggi Vinkeloe – alto saxophone, flute
Amy K Bormet – piano, voice
Tina Raymond – drumset

Voco – The Walcott Sessions

Voco strives to push the edges of music and the conventional expectations of the power trio. Drawing on an extensive wealth of musical and thematic influences stretching deep into the past, and far into the imagined future, VOCO puts forth 10 original compositions that contort conventional riff-based instrumental rock as they shift genre, tempo, time signature, and dynamics. Listeners will find themselves entrapped in Zappa-esqe guitar solos, beaten by Norwegian Black Metal influenced blast beats, and stimulated with sounds spanning from delicate soft passages to atmospheric re-entry.
Alex Yeung – guitar
Tim Sullivan – drums
Josh Martin- bass
Chris U – analog synthesizer
Joshua Marshall – tenor saxophone

Jim Ryan, Jordan Glenn – Mindless Thing

Mindless Thing is a collaboration between drummer/composer Jordan Glenn and iconoclast saxophonist/band leader/poet/artist/sage Jim Ryan. The music, composed and conducted by Glenn, takes malleable material and filters it through a unique ensemble of strings and percussion. The result is used to create a backdrop for Ryan’s surreal and haunting poetry. Poet, writer, philosopher and musician, Jim Ryan is an original member of the exploratory family of artists of the 20th century. His powerful playing style and truly original voice permeates with vibrant spirit.
Jim Ryan – voice/flute
Jordan Glenn – conducting/percussion
Michael Coleman- piano/percussion
Karl Evangelista – guitar
Damon Waitkus – hammered dulcimer
Robert Lopez – vibraphone / marimba / percussion