Harris Eisenstadt Interview and Performance

Source: Georgia Straight, Eisenstadt is interviewed in anticipation of tomorrow’s Vancouver show.

For some, old-growth forests are places of contemplation, naturally sacred spaces of cathedralesque calm, lit by slanting beams of leaf-filtered light. For others, they are living warehouses of board feet ready for extraction.

The real source of the drummer and composer’s latest concept, however, is a rich humus of interpersonal experience. Although the new band marks the first time that Eisenstadt, saxophonist Tony Malaby, trombonist Jeb Bishop, and bassist Jason Roebke have collaborated on a formal basis, they’ve been connected in other, looser ways for more than a decade. Bishop, Roebke, and Eisenstadt worked together as a trio in the early 2000s, and then on top of that there’s the proximity effect.