Sound American 17 is Out

Taku Sugimoto

Source: Sound American.

This issue of Sound American, co-curated by three collaborators from across the globe, Ryoko Akama, Heather Frasch, and Audra Wolowiec, introduces a series of interviews that contain intimate conversations, acts of listening and new compositions in the realm of sound-poetry.

In this issue, Ryoko Akama rehearsed with and interviewed Taku Sugimoto and Suidobashi Chamber Ensemble (Yoko Ikeda, Wakana Ikeda, Aya Ohashi, Taku Sugimoto), speaking candidly about how their approaches to music and the Japanese experimental music scene. Heather Frasch collaborated with Berlin-based musicians Joseph Kudirka and Koen Nutters to map investigations between listening, reading and memory. Audra Wolowiec invited artist Sal Randolph and poet Karen Weiser, both based in New York City, to create new text-based works in response to specific sound compositions.