Saxophone Quartet Battle Trance Works Toward Transcendence 

Source: Portland Mercury.

Travis Laplante’s relationship with music goes beyond the simple joys of performing and listening. The New York-based saxophonist and qigong healer sees sound as something elemental that can have a huge impact on listeners.

“The transcendent quality of music, that’s what I’m interested in,” he says, speaking from his home in Brooklyn. “It’s so mysterious that it’s hard to describe with words. But there’s something about being in the moment with everyone as a human and letting the movement come alive and take a hold of our hearts. It’s a transmission that I’ve felt and I know any music lover has felt. Something is happening there that is greater than the sum of all the parts.”

It was this kind of transmission that Laplante was hoping to create when he literally dreamt up his current group, Battle Trance.