AMN Reviews: Omar Rahbany – Passport (2017)

downloadThis aptly-titled debut release likely falls outside of a strict avant-garde categorization, but as creative genre-busting music goes, it is a notable effort. To put together Passport, Rahbany took three years and engaged over 180 collaborators from 12 countries. The resulting 60 minutes resembles, at times, jazz, classical, a musical, modern Arabic tunes, and probably a few other things.

For example, Zook the Power Station is an accordion and piano driven romp through complex lines and rhythms, while Programmusik Babel is an 11-minute amalgam of jazz and funk with interludes of blowouts and structured weirdness. Perhaps the most compelling and idiosyncratic track on the album is Mouwachahat, with Middle-Eastern melodies and choral singing, but a piano, bass, and drum backing. The singing, when present, is not in English and very well done.

Clearly, Rahbany’s influences are far-reaching, as is this recording. If you are a fan of soundtracks or musicals, you could do worse than give Rahbany a listen.  If you are more into the left-of-center, keep in mind that Passport might be what would have happened if Rogers and Hammerstein collaborated with Christian Vander in Lebanon. Thumbs up.

The Necks on Tour

Tony Buck

Source: The Necks.

January 2017
Sat 21st – ICC Sydney, Sydney, Australia
Wed 25th – Riverstage, Brisbane, Australia
Fri 27th – Sidney Meyer Music Bowl, Melbourne, Australia
Sat 28th – Sidney Meyer Music Bowl, Melbourne, Australia

February 2017
Sat 18th – The Lab, San Francisco, CA, USA
Sun 19th – The Lab, San Francisco, CA, USA
Thu 23rd – Issue Project Room (Necks 30th Anniversary: Solo Performances), New York, NY, USA
Fri 24th – Issue Project Room (Necks 30th Anniversary: Standalone Performance), New York, NY, USA
Sat 25th – Issue Project Room (Necks 30th Anniversary: Timeline), New York, NY, USA
Tue 28th – Bijou Theatre, Knoxville, TN, USA

March 2017

Wed 1st – Constellation, Chicago, IL, USA
Thu 2nd – Constellation, Chicago, IL, USA
Fri 3rd – First Unitarian Church, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Ryu Hankil, Makoto Oshiro, Stephen Cornford Coming to Bristol UK

Source: Bang the Bore.


8pm, Thursday 16th February 2017
The Brunswick Club, 15-16 York Street,
Brunswick Square, Bristol, BS2 8NX
£7 – no one turned away for lack of funds

Hankil Ryu is a musician from Seoul, born in 1975. He is interested in finding an alternative musical structure possessed by abandoned objects like clockworks, typewriters and telephones.

Makoto Oshiro makes his own musical instruments and equipment by combining materials like electronic devices and household products, and uses them in the development of creative live performances. He also creates installations focusing on physical phenomena related to sound.

Stephen Cornford is an audio-visual artist working between installation and performance. His practice is concerned with reconfiguring consumer electronics as expressive and reflective devices.