New and Recent Releases from Tim Daisy 

Source: Tim Daisy.

Now Available: Tim Daisy [] Rd Nation “1” (relay 018)
Solo music made for drums /turntables and radios
LTD edition of 500cd + digital download available
TD – Red Nation is Chicago-based percussionist Tim Daisy performing solo music on turntables, drums, radios, gongs and other found objects. All of the music on this recording was recorded live without the use of overdubs. The material on the recording is inspired by many different styles of sound making including Appalachian folk , Indonesian gamelan, various styles of turntablism, experimental jazz and electronic music situations.

Tim Daisy 7 Compositions For Duet (Vol 2) (relay 015) w/ Mars Williams, Andrew Clinkman, Ryan Packard, Aaron Zarzutzki, Fred Lonberg Holm, Russ Johnson & Clark Sommers
The second volume of a book of original music written for seven Chicago-based musicians. Each performed in a duo context with Tim on drums, marimba, and/or turntables.

Tim Daisy’s Celebration Sextet “The Halfway There Suite” (relay 016)
w/ Steve Swell, Dave Rempis, James Falzone, Russ Johnson & Fred Lonberg Holm
The Halfway There Suite documents a live concert which was performed and recorded on the occasion of Tim Daisy’s 40th birthday celebration. An original, multi-part suite of music composed specifically for five of Tim’s favorite musicians

Marc Riordan & Tim Daisy “Joyride” (relay 014)
Joyride is the debut recording by two veterans of Chicago’s vibrant creative music scene. Pianist, drummer, and filmmaker Marc Riordan and composer + percussionist Tim Daisy have both worked together in various contexts over the years including with the Marc Riordan Quartet, the contemporary dance ensemble The Seldoms, and the Tim Daisy Trio. This debut recording documents their recent explorations in an improvised duo context, their latest vehicle for sound exploration.