FOU Records Round-Up 

fou-logo-300x110Source: A Jazz Noise.

FOU Records is a French label dedicated to improvised music. I suspect the name derives from that of the label owner, Jean-Marc Foussat, but the logo indicates a fortuitous link to the I Ching hexagram 24, “Return” which offers such words of wisdom as “After a time of decay comes the turning point,” and “…the movement is natural, arising spontaneously,” and “…the old is discarded and the new is introduced.”* Not a bad philosophy for an improv label! FOU is focused on new free improvisation recordings, usually with a French connection, with a scattering of archival concerts from the 1980s. The variation in the catalogue is broad but the common theme is that each release absolutely demands close listening – a FOU disc couldn’t be wallpaper music if it tried.