New Theo Bleckmann Album Reviewed

English: Theo Bleckmann, moers festival 2008

Source: Theo Bleckmann.

Multifaceted jazz vocalist Theo Bleckmann is poised to release his new album Elegy on January 27, marking his debut as a leader on ECM. (Get it from Amazon.) This record marks the next stage in his career—which seems to be on an upward arc over the past few years—and represents the most mature statement yet of his artistic vision.

Elegy is a series of meditations on death and transcendence, but it never falls into morbidity or depression, but rather peacefully examines these transitions with a certain sense of detachment. Bleckmann and his group, composed of guitarist Ben Monder, bassist Chris Tordini, keyboardist Shai Maestro and drummer John Hollenbeck, approach their collective sound with an emphasis on ambience and atmosphere, a perfect accompaniment to the subject matter at hand and a perfect fit for the ECM aesthetic.