Newsbits: Leap of Faith Orchestra / Kris Davis / VidnaObmana / Dark Web

Jazz Right Now reviews new albums from The Leap of Faith Orchestra and Kris Davis.

Two new Bandcamp sites for experimental / ambient artist VidnaObmana (Dirk Serries) have been launched, one for older recordings, another for recordings on the Tonefloat label.

Dark Web is an internet-based digital music release combining composed music and interactive visuals. In this music release, the user enters a digital environment where a morphed echo of the outside world has been processed to fit a network of ones and zeros, some elements fully mutated, others not. Compositionally, Dark Web seeks to explore a core musical parameter, time, with the ambition to expand it without relying on automatism or generative systems. Instead, the music explores micro-polyphonic looping and canons on both a micro and a macro level.