Artifacts from the Musical Life of Moondog 

Source: The Hum Blog.

Louis Thomas Hardin, widely known as Moondog, was one of the great visionaries of 20th Century music. Beginning his creative life humbly during the mid 1940’s as a street musician orbiting around Midtown Manhattan (and later Greenwich Village), his efforts went on to have wide-reaching influence within the bohemian musical avant-garde which emerged in New York during the 1950’s and 60’s – particularity among the young group of composers who form the core of the Minimalist movement – Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Terry Riley, etc. His presence in the narrative in American creative life has sweeping importance, but is not without its difficulty. Moondog’s life, career, and work are windows into the complex legacies of negotiating the past – of our willingness to embrace only the most convenient truths, and the word of others.