Winter Jazzfest Reviewed

Source: The New York Times.

By now, into its 13th annual edition, the NYC Winter Jazzfest has earned the sensation of urgency that flows among both artists and audiences. This year’s festival began Thursday and will run through Tuesday, when the Liberation Music Orchestra, led by a guest pianist, Geri Allen, draws from its stately songbook of resistance at Le Poisson Rouge. But as always, the festival’s centerpiece was the marathon, featuring more than 100 acts across a dozen or so spaces below 14th Street in Manhattan, on Friday and Saturday nights.

That roving model, designed to encourage discovery, can turn any festivalgoer into a critic: selecting and sorting, setting priorities, making agonized choices. Sometimes it even engenders heated debate, as in the case of Chris Dave & the Drumhedz, whose late show at the Bowery Ballroom on Friday was a soup of fleeting rhythmic genius and unfocused meandering.