All About Jazz Reviews

English: Drummer performing with saxophonist W...

Source: All About Jazz.

Matthew Shipp Trio
Piano Song (Thirsty Ear Recordings)

Dave Soldier
The Eighth Hour Of Amduat (Self Produced)

Franklin Kiermyer
Closer To The Sun (Mobility Music)

Paul G. Smyth / Chris Corsano
Weekertoft Hits Its Stride…

Dwiki Dharmawan
Pasar Klewer (Moonjune Records)

Sei Miguel
(Five) Stories Untold (Clean Feed Records)

Anna Webber’s Simple Trio With Matt Mitchell & John Hollenbeck
Binary (Skirl Records)

The Delegation
Evergreen (Canceled World) (ESP Disk)

Ivo Perelman
Ivo Perelman: The Art of the Improv Trio (Leo Records)

Ivo Perelman
2016: An Ivo Perelman Marathon

Jari Haapalainen Trio
Fusion Machine (Moserobie)