San Francisco Scene: January 6-13, 2017

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From the Bay Improviser Calendar.

Friday, January 6

Fri 1/06 8:00 PM Center for New Music [55 Taylor St San Francisco, CA 94102]
One of New York’s preeminent new music pianists/composers, Eleonor Sandresky brings us the West Coast Premiere of her evening-length work, The Wonder Suit Show: A Space Odyssey. Using live piano, NASA space recordings, and her invention, The Wonder Suit – a wearable, remote sensor interface integrating live electronics with the pianist’s movements – her performance transports the audience to outer space. Will be followed by a Center for New Music PRISM Series Q&A with the artist.

Fri 1/06 9:00 PM Victoria Theatre [2961 16th Street San Francisco]
The San Francisco Tape Music Festival

Saturday, January 7

Sat 1/07 8:00 PM Victoria Theatre [2961 16th Street San Francisco]
The San Francisco Tape Music Festival

Sat 1/07 11:00 PM Victoria Theatre [2961 16th Street San Francisco]
The San Francisco Tape Music Festival

Sunday, January 8

Sun 1/08 3:00 PM Center for New Music [55 Taylor St SF]

Sun 1/08 8:00 PM Victoria Theatre [2961 16th Street San Francisco]
The San Francisco Tape Music Festival: Works by Pauline Oliveros

Tuesday, January 10
Tue 1/10 9:00 PM Uptown Nightclub [1928 Telegraph Ave Oakland]
Active Music Series presents:
I SHOULD HAVE CUT THE EYES DIFFERENT: unequal parts of the new music, noise, and electronic music underground
Thomas Day (Hans Grüsel’s Krankenkabinet), Matt Ingalls (sfSound), Jake Rodriguez (bran(…)pos)
Scott Amendola Trio: within and beyond the realm of jazz
Scott Amendola (drums/percussion/electronics), Jason Hoopes (electric bass), Karl Evangelista (electric guitar)
Fibers + Gargantius Effect: timbral improvisation and mechanized mayhem
Murray Campbell (violin, oboe and electronics), Randy McKean (reeds), Wes Steed (electronics), Kevin Corcoran (percussion)

Wednesday, January 11

Wed 1/11 7:30 PM Canessa Gallery [708 Montgomery St SF]
For our first show of 2017 we are excited to present Seth Cluett from NYC with Eric Glick Rieman and Jim Haynes.

Thursday, January 12

Thu 1/12 7:30 PM CCRMA [660 Lomita Dr. Stanford]
Artist Seth Cluett will present a live performance using sung and electronically generated sine tones, room acoustic phenomena, and recorded sound to explore the boundary between personal and communal listening. Constructing a focused, attentive perceptual space and an elastic, malleable experience of time, the sound world of this work is tensely suspended between full body immersion and brittle, sparse timelessness.

Thu 1/12 8:00 PM Luggage Store Creative Music Series [1007 Market Street SF]
8pm Dessen/Walton/Robinson/Greenlief
Scott Walton – double bass, Michael Dessen – trombone, Phillip Greenlief – tenor saxophone, Donald Robinson – drums
Tom Djll, Kanoko Nishi-Smith, John McCowen, Kyle Bruckmann

Friday, January 13

Fri 1/13 8:00 PM Peace United Church of Christ [900 High St. Santa Cruz, Calif.]
New music champions JACK Quartet collaborate with the Santa Cruz/Oakland-based Lightbulb Ensemble (LBE) in a concert of new works for string quartet and contemporary American gamelan

The Self-Evidence of Kamasi Washington

Source: Tucson Weekly.

In 2015, Kamasi Washington emerged from Los Angeles with an increasingly rare thing: a breakthrough jazz album. Following a 2014 Nielsen year-end report declaring “jazz the least-popular genre in the US,” the saxophonist managed a heroic feat, turning on young fans to cosmic jazz, igniting stalwarts, and in an age of streaming singles, garnering fawning attention for a three-volume, nearly three-hour album.

Though it was the saxophonist’s debut, The Epic carried significantly more weight than the average introductory statement. Steeped in spiritual jazz traditions of John and Alice Coltrane and Pharoah Sanders, the funky fusion of Donald Byrd and Wayne Shorter, and the free jazz explorations of Ornette Coleman, it rang out like a declaration.

Upcoming New York Shows

Tim Berne

Source: Jazz Right Now.

January 6 (Friday)

Leila Bordreuil/Michael Foster; Jason Kao Hwang; Tony Malaby’s Up Against the Wall with Ben Gerstein, Tom Rainey Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center 7 pm $11-22

Winter Jazzfest: Amina Claudine Myers solo; Spanish Harlem Orchestra; Melissa Aldana Group with Glenn Zaleski, Pablo Menares, Craig Weinrib, Joel Ross, Godwin Louis; David Murray Class Struggle with Mingus Murray; William Parker, Cooper-Moore, Hamid Drake, Rob Brown
New School 12th Street Auditorium 6:40 pm $45

Winter Jazzfest: Brian Drye’s Bizingas with Hank Roberts, Shane Endsley, Jonathan Goldberger,
Ches Smith; Andy Milne and The Seasons of Being with Aaron Kruziki, Michaël Attias, Ralph Alessi, La Tanya Hall, John Moon, Ben Monder, Chris Hoffman, Chris Tordini, Kenny Grohowski; Uri Caine Trio with Mark Helias, Clarence Penn; Jim Black’s Malamute with Loftur Gudmundsson, Elias Stemeseder, Chris Tordini New School 5th Floor Theater 7:20 pm $45

Winter Jazzfest: Jonathan Finlayson’s Sicilian Defense with Miles Okazaki, Matt Mitchell, John Hébert, Craig Weinrib; Nate Smith + Kinfolk with Fima Ephron, Jeremy Most, Amma Whatt, Jon Cowherd, Jaleel Shaw; Tigue: Matt Evans, Amy Garapic, Carson Moody, Tristan Kasten-Krause, Ben Seretan; Mike Reed’s Flesh & Bone with Greg Ward, Ben Lamar Gay, Tim Haldeman, Jason Stein, Jason Roebke, Marvin Tate; Samora Pinderhughes’ The Transformations Suite with Elena Pinderhughes, Jeremie Harris, Jules Latimer, Vuyo Sotashe, Riley Mulherkar, Lucas Pino, Braxton Cook, Tony Lustig, Clovis Nicolas, Mark Whitfield, Jr. New School Glass Box Theater 6:40 pm $45

Winter Jazzfest: Fleurine and The Boys from Brazil with Vitor Gonçalves, Eduardo Belo, Ian Faquini; Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society with Dave Pietro, Rob Wilkerson, Chris Speed, John Ellis, Carl Maraghi, Seneca Black, Jonathan Powell, Matt Holman, Nadje Noordhuis, Ingrid Jensen, Mike Fahie, Ryan Keberle, Jacob Garchik, George Flynn, Sebastian Noelle, Carmen Staaf, Matt Clohesy, Jon Wikan; Jacob Garchik’s Ye Olde with Ava Mendoza, Mary Halvorson, Jonathan Goldberger, Vinnie Sperrazza; Somi with Michaël Attias, Liberty Ellman, Ben Williams, Nate Smith; Kneebody: Adam Benjamin, Shane Endsley, Ben Wendel, Kaveh Rastegar, Nate Wood;
Battle Trance: Travis Laplante, Matt Nelson, Jeremy Viner, Patrick Breiner
SubCulture 6 pm $45

Dan Weiss Trio with Jacob Sacks, Thomas Morgan
Cornelia Street Underground 9, 10:30 pm $10

January 7 (Saturday)

Winter Jazzfest—ECM Showcase: Michael Formanek, Tim Berne, Craig Taborn, Gerald Cleaver; Jakob Bro, Thomas Morgan, Joey Baron; Ravi Coltrane/David Virelles; Bill Frisell/Thomas Morgan; Nik Bärtsch’s Mobile with Sha, Kaspar Rast, Nicolas Stocker
New School Tishman Auditorium 6 pm $45

Winter Jazzfest: Mary Halvorson Octet with Jonathan Finlayson, Jon Irabagon, Ingrid Laubrock, Jacob Garchik, Susan Alcorn, Chris Lightcap, Ches Smith; Ben Goldberg’s Invisible Guy with Hamir Atwal, Michael Coleman; Edmar Castañeda World Ensemble; Chris Lightcap’s Superette with Curtis Hasselbring, Jonathan Goldberger, Dan Rieser; Talibam! Hard Vibe: Matt Mottel, Kevin Shea, Ron Stabinsky, Matt Nelson New School 5th Floor Theater 7 pm $45

Winter Jazzfest: John Hébert’s Rambling Confessions with Jen Shyu, Andy Milne, Satoshi Takeishi; Amirtha Kidambi’s Elder Ones with Matt Nelson, Brandon Lopez, Max Jaffe; Adam O’Farrill’s Stranger Days with Chad Lefkowitz-Brown, Walter Stinson, Zack O’Farrill; Ben Allison’s Think Free with Jeremy Pelt, Steve Cardenas, Allan Mednard; Ben Wendel Seasons Band with Aaron Parks, Gilad Hekselman, Matt Brewer, Eric Harland New School Glass Box Theater 6:40 pm $45

Winter Jazzfest: Jaimeo Brown Transcendence with Chris Sholar, Jaleel Shaw; Black Rock Coalition’s Get Down Revue with Luqman Brown, Shelley Nicole, Keith Fluiett, Lisala, Wayne Cobham, V. Jeffrey Smith, J.S. Williams, Ben Tyree, Leon Gruenbaum, Ramsey Jones, Jared Michael Nickerson; Terri Lyne Carrington Social Science with Aaron Parks, Matt Stevens, Morgan Guerin, Nadia Washington, DJ Val; Marc Ribot Young Philadelphians with Mary Halvorson, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, G. Calvin Weston, Joanna Mattrey, Amy Bateman, Jeremy Harmon SOB’s 6:40 pm $45

Winter Jazzfest: Peter Evans Quintet with Sam Pluta, Ron Stabinsky, Tom Blancarte, Jim Black; Kris Davis Duopoly with Tim Berne, Angelica Sanchez, Billy Drummond; Adam Rudolph’s Moving Pictures Octet with Hamid Drake, Graham Haynes, Ralph M. Jones, Kenny Wessel, James Hurt, Alexis Marcelo, Damon Banks; Harold López-Nussa Trio with Ruy Lopez-Nussa, Julio Cesar Gonzalez; Arturo O’Farrill Afro Latin Jazz Ensemble with Jim Seely, Ivan Renta, Rafi Malkiel, Carlo De Rosa, Tony Rosa, Carly Maldonado, Vince Cherico; Chano Dominguez
SubCulture 6 pm $45

Anthony Coleman, Brian Chase, Chris Cochrane
The Firehouse Space 8 pm $10

Badlands: Jerry Granelli, Peter Epstein, Chris Speed, Jamie Saft, J. Anthony Granelli, Briggan Krauss The Stone 9 pm $20

January 8 (Sunday)

Fire Music at the Legion!: Patrick Breiner’s Practical Mysticism with Daniel Carter, Christopher Hoffman, Adam Hopkins, Billy Mintz; Weasel Walter Quintet with Jaimie Branch, Michael Foster, Brandon Lopez, Leila Bordreuil The Legion Bar 9, 10 pm $10-15
Winter Jazzfest—Thelonious Monk 100th Birthday Improv Show: Kris Davis, David Virelles, Shabaka Hutchings, Sam Newsome, Marc Ribot, Charlie Burnham, Erik Friedlander, Linda Oh, Trevor Dunn, Hamid Drake, Andrew Cyrille, Deva Mahal
Littlefield 8 pm $35

Jen Shyu and Jade Tongue with Satoshi Haga, Chris Dingman, Mat Maneri, Mariel Roberts, Satoshi Takeishi Cornelia Street Underground 8:30, 10 pm $10

January 9 (Monday)

Honoring Roy Campbell: The Nu Band: Lou Grassi, Mark Whitecage, Thomas Heberer, Joe Fonda; 3 For Roy: Bryan Carrott, Hilliard Greene, Michael Wimberly; Pyramid Trumpets for Roy: William Parker, Hamid Drake, Nabate Isles, Matt Lavelle
Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center 7 pm $11-22

Winter Jazzfest: Andrew Cyrille solo; Sam Amidon Extended with Guests Shahzad Ismaily, Marc Ribot, Sam Gendel, Ben Goldberg, Linda Oh, Kris Bowers, Richard Sears, Jeremy Gustin Le Poisson Rouge 8 pm $25

Battle Trance: Travis Laplante, Patrick Breiner, Matt Nelson, Jeremy Viner; Susan Alcorn; Bad Luck: Neil Welch/Chris Icasiano
Silent Barn 8 pm

James Shipp; Bob Lanzetti Delroy’s Café and Wine Bar 9, 10 pm $10

January 10 (Tuesday)

Winter Jazzfest: Charlie Haden’s Liberation Music Orchestra conducted by Carla Bley with Tony Malaby, Chet Doxas, Loren Stillman, Michael Rodriguez, Seneca Black, Curtis Fowlkes, Vincent Chancey, Joseph Daley, Steve Cardenas, Scott Colley, Matt Wilson and guest Geri Allen Le Poisson Rouge 8 pm $40

James Carney Quartet with Ravi Coltrane, John Hébert, Gerald Cleaver; Relative Resonance: Devin Gray, Chris Speed, Kris Davis, Trevor Dunn
Korzo 9, 10:30 pm

Jon Irabagon/Julien Labro; Lathan Hardy, Flin Van Hemmen, Sean Ali;
Andrew Drury Content Provider Trio with Ingrid Laubrock, Briggan Krauss
Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center 7 pm $11-22

January 11 (Wednesday)

Not Bloodcount: Tim Berne, Chris Speed, Michael Formanek, Jim Black
The Stone 9 pm $20

The Benntet: Bruce Williamson, Hui Cox, Michael Bisio, Michael Wimberly; Cooper-Moore/Daro Behroozi; Amirtha Kidambi Vocal Choir with Jean-Carla Rodea, Anaïs Maviel, Charmaine Lee, Emilie Lesbros, Kristin Slipp
Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center 7 pm $11-22

Ben Goldberg, Brian Drye, Jacob Sacks; Mike McGinnis MusicNOW Trio with Angelica Sanchez, Tom Rainey Ibeam Brooklyn 8:30 pm $15

January 12 (Thursday)

Endangered Blood: Chris Speed, Oscar Noriega, Trevor Dunn, Jim Black
The Stone 9 pm $20

We Free Strings: Melanie Dyer, Charles Burnham, Gwen Laster, Lester St. Louis, Hilliard Greene, Michael Wimberly; Tomeka Reid Septet with Mazz Swift, Jason Kao Hwang, Sarah Bernstein, Adam Hopkins, Chris Hoffman, Tomas Fujiwara; Jaimie Branch Trio with Brandon Lopez, Mike Pride
Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center 7 pm $11-22

Yoni Kretzmer and Friends; Carlo Costa solo
The Firehouse Space 8 pm $10

January 13 (Friday)

William Parker’s Healing Songs From The Tone World with Patricia Nicholson, Matthew Shipp, Nate Wooley, Ellen Christi, Lisa Sokolov, Cooper Moore, Jake Sokolov Gonzalez, Jeff Schlanger, Anne Humanfeld, Leonid Galavanov, JD Parran, On Ka’a Davis, Morley, Jason Kao Hwang, AnnMarie Sandy, Daniel Carter, Eri Yamamoto, Tanya Kalmanovitch, Jean Cook, Bill Cole
Roulette 8 pm $20-25

Eyebone: Nels Cline, Elias Stemeseder, Jim Black
The Stone 9 pm $20

Ben Monder Trio with Tony Malaby, Tom Rainey
Cornelia Street Underground 9, 10:30 pm $10

Andrea Wolper’s Cento Project with Mazz Swift, Adam Caine; William Hooker Trio with Louie Belogenis, Andrew Lamb; The Ghost: Michael Foster, Zach Rowden, Derek Baron Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center 7 pm $11-22

January 14 (Saturday)

Bonnie Kane 5-amp flute solo; Ekene Okobi; Kenny Warren Quartet with J.P. Schlegelmilch, Noah Garabedian, Satoshi Takeishi; No Land, Daniel Carter, Devin Brahja Waldman
New Revolution Arts 8 pm

William Parker’s Little Huey Music Orchestra with Rob Brown, Darius Jones, Abraham Mennon, Yoni Kretzmer, James Brandon Lewis, Dave Sewelson, Steve Swell, Masahiko Kono, Jaimie Branch, Lewis Barnes, Heru Shabaka-ra, Brandon Lopez, Andrew Barker Roulette 8 pm $20-25

Jim Black Trio with Elias Stemeseder, Thomas Morgan
The Stone 9 pm $20

Yoshiko Chuma, Miriam Parker, Jason Kao Hwang; Mazz Swift/Mike McGinnis; Ken Filiano Trio with Michaël Attias, Michael TA Thompson
Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center 7 pm $11-22

January 15 (Sunday)

Jim Black and guests The Stone 9 pm $20
Sam Newsome solo; Thomas Heberer/Ken Filiano
Downtown Music Gallery 6, 7 pm

Audrey Chen, Henrik Munk Norst, Carlo Costa; Aki Onda solo
Gallery 456 7, 8 pm

January 16 (Monday)

Anaïs Maviel solo; Washboard XT: Newman Taylor Baker, Avram Fefer, Hilliard Greene; Alvin Fielder, William Parker, Rob Brown, Karen Borca
Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center 7 pm $11-22

January 17 (Tuesday)

Angelica Sanchez/Pheeroan akLaff; Rob Brown Trio with Todd Nicholson, Juan Pablo Carletti; Ehran Elisha, Daniel Carter, Joe Fonda
Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center 7 pm $11-22

Lean: Jerome Sabbagh, Simon Jermyn, Allison Miller; Ralph Alessi Trio with Florian Weber, Dan Weiss Korzo 9, 10:30 pm

January 18 (Wednesday)

The Mess: Brandon Lopez, Sam Yulsman, Chris Corsano; Andrew Lamb, William Parker, Michael Wimberly; Chris Pitsiokos Quartet with Andrew Smiley, Henry Fraser, Connor Baker Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center 7 pm $11-22

January 19 (Thursday)

Jay Clayton/Ken Filiano; Steve Swell Trio with Joe McPhee, Paal Nilssen-Love; Francisco Mora Catlett AfroHorn with Sam Newsome, Aruán Ortiz, Rashaan Carter, Roman Díaz Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center 7 pm $11-22

In Cahoots: Ned Rothenberg, Mark Feldman, Sylvie Courvoisier
The Owl Music Parlor 7:30 pm

Club d’Elf: Hassan Hakmoun, Mat Maneri, Brahim Fribgane, Mister Rourke, Mike Rivard, Dean Johnston Roulette 8 pm $20-25

Charmaine Lee/Lester St.louis; Sean Ali solo; David Grollman, Flin van Hemmen, Max Jaffe, Carlo Costa Fridman Gallery 8 pm

Adam Schneit Quartet with Sean Moran, Eivind Opsvik, Kenny Wollesen; Jeremy Udden’s Plainville with Pete Rende, Eivind Opsvik, Kenny Wollesen
Threes Brewing 8:30, 9:30 pm

January 20 (Friday)

Tom Rainey Obbligato with Ralph Alessi, Ingrid Laubrock, Kris Davis, Drew Gress
The Jazz Gallery 7:30, 9:30 pm $22

Songs for Connie: Patricia Nicholson, Melanie Dyer, Jochem Van Dijk,
Michael TA Thompson; Bern Nix Trio with Francois Grillot, Reggie Sylvester; JP Carletti Xul Trio with Jon Irabagon, William Parker; Chris Cochrane, Kevin Shea, Gordon Beeferman Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center 7 pm $11-22

JD Parran and Harlem Reunion with Alexis Marcelo, Larry Roland, Syd Smart
Soup & Sound 8 pm $20

January 21 (Saturday)

Jen Shyu and Jade Tongue with Satoshi Haga, Erica Dicker, Chris Dingman, Christopher Hoffman, Mat Maneri, Thomas Morgan, Anna Webber, Dan Weiss
The Jazz Gallery 7:30, 9:30 pm $22

Billy Mintz Two Bass Band with Ron Horton, Dave Scott, John O’Gallagher, Adam Kolker, Brian Drye, Curtis Fowlkes, Masa Kamaguchi, Cameron Brown
Ibeam Brooklyn 8:30 pm $15

Ideal Bread: Josh Sinton, Kirk Knuffke, Adam Hopkins, Tomas Fujiwara
Silvana 6 pm

January 22 (Sunday)

A 20th Century Nonlinear Overture: Mixashawn/Pheeroan akLaff; kjær (beloved) for Dominic Duval: Joe McPhee, Jay Rosen, Dominic Duval, Jr., Rosie Hertlein, James Keepnews Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center 7 pm $11-22

January 23 (Monday)

Sana Nagano Trio with Kevin Shea, Yuma Uesaka; Isis Paolo Giraldo solo
Delroy’s Café and Wine Bar 9, 10 pm $10

January 24 (Tuesday)

Mephista: Sylvie Courvoisier, Ikue Mori, Susie Ibarra and guest Jen Shyu
The Stone 9 pm $20

Angelica Sanchez/Pheeroan akLaff; Made In China: Michael Blake, Samuel Blaser, Michael Sarin Korzo 9, 10:30 pm

January 25 (Wednesday)

Lazuline: Pauline Kim Harris, Jennifer Choi, Mark Feldman, Sylvie Courvoiser
The Stone 9 pm $20

Sylvie Courvoiser/Mary Halvorson The Stone 9 pm $20

January 27 (Friday)

Sylvie Courvoisier, Mark Feldman, Ingrid Laubrock, Tom Rainey
The Stone 9 pm $20

Reverse Blue: Mary Halvorson, Chris Speed, Eivind Opsvik, Tomas Fujiwara
The Owl Music Parlor 7:30 pm

Ras Moshe New Language Collaborative with Larry Roland, Matt Lavelle, John Pietaro, Stephanie Griffin, Edith Lettner, Glynis Lomon, Syd Smart, Eric Zinman; Samuel Yulsman The Firehouse Space 7, 9 pm $10

January 28 (Saturday)

Dana Jessen’s Carve with Paula Matthusen, Dan Peck, Andrew Drury;
Briggan Krauss String and Reed Quartet
Soup & Sound 8 pm $20

Anaïs Maviel/Michael Bisio Issue Project Room 8 pm $12-15

Marc Hannaford Trio with Simon Jermyn, Satoshi Takeishi;
Jagged Spheres: Anna Webber, Elias Stemeseder, Devin Gray
Ibeam Brooklyn 8 pm $15

Chris Dingman Habitat for Humanity Build for Unity Concert
Saint Peter’s 8 pm

January 29 (Sunday)

Sylvie Courvoisier Trio with Drew Gress, Kenny Wollesen
The Stone 9 pm $20

HAG: Brad Henkel, Sean Ali, David Grollman; Makoto Kawasima;
Blaise Siwula/Eric Plaks Downtown Music Gallery 6, 7, 8 pm

January 30 (Monday)

Brad Henkel with Nathaniel Morgan, Shayna Dulberger, Chris Welcome; Nicola Hein with Sam Weinberg, Devin Gray
Delroy’s Café and Wine Bar 9, 10 pm $10

January 31 (Tuesday)

Marta Sanchez; Jeonglim Yang Quartet with Oscar Noriega, Jacob Sacks, Kenny Wollesen Korzo 9, 10:30 pm

The Roulette in January

William Parker

Source: New York’s Roulette.

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 11, 2017 @ 8:00 PM
Matt Mehlan unveils a suite of compositions and a new band featuring old collaborators including Jason McMahon, Matt Nelson, Jessica Pavone…

FRIDAY, JANUARY 13, 2017 @ 8:00 PM
The bassist, improviser, composer, and activist presents ensemble work for vocals with 21 musicians, 3 waterphones, didjeridu, and dance.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 14, 2017 @ 8:00 PM
The world premiere of “Creation Of A The Tone World” By William Parker and performed by the Little Huey Music Orchestra.

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 18, 2017 @ 8:00 PM
The avant-psych pioneer and bold improviser on piano/flute/electronics with Marcia Bassett, synth and projections by Camilla Padgitt-Coles.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 20, 2017 @ 8:00 PM
Boston-based, Moroccan-dosed dub-jazz collective Club d’Elf celebrate the release of Live At Club Helsinki.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 27, 2017 @ 8:00 PM
The world premiere of Gary Lucas’ solo guitar score accompanying Orson Welles’ rediscovered surreal silent comedy “Too Much Johnson.”