AMN Picks of the Week: Omar Rahbany / Beth McDonald / Park, Lash, Sanders & Pugh / Lee & Marclay / Led Bib

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Here is where I post, at a frequency of about once a week, a list of the new music that has caught my attention that week. All of the releases listed below I’ve heard for the first time this week and come recommended.

Omar Rahbany – Passport (2017)
Beth McDonald – Cold Weather Birding (2016)
Park / Lash / Sanders / Pugh – Sirene 1009 (2016)
Okkyung Lee / Christian Marclay – Amalgam (2016)
Led Bib – Umbrella Weather (2017)

The Free Jazz Collective Reviews

saxophonist Roscoe Mitchell at the Pomigliano ...

Source: The Free Jazz Collective.

Pauline Oliveros, Roscoe Mitchell, John Tilbury, Wadada Leo Smith – Nessuno (i dischi di angelica, 2016) *****
Masayuki Takayanagi – Angry Waves Vol.1 & 2 (Jinya Disc, 2016) ****1/2
Sei Miguel – (Five) Stories Untold (Clean Feed, 2016) ****½
Kresten Osgood Trio – Live in Gothenburg (Ilk Music, 2016) ****
Kasper Tom / Rudi Mahall – One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure (Barefoot Records, 2016) ****
Fiil Free – Everything Is A Translation (Fill Free Records, 2016) ***
The Hum – TheHumTheSong (2016) ****
Horse Orchestra’s Four Letter Word (Barefoot Records, 2016) ****
Anders Vestergaard – eel (Insula Jazz/Abstract Tits, 2016) ***½
Ingrid Laubrock – Serpentines (Intakt, 2016) ****
Ivo Perelman, Joe Morris & Gerald Cleaver – The Art of the Improv Trio, Volume 5 & 6 (Leo, 2016) ****

FTAM’s 2017 Experimental Education Series in Milwaukee

Source: FTAM Productions.

The 2017 Experimental Education Series, a brand new music series presented by FTAM Productions, Freespace, WMSE, and the UW-Madison Network Fellowship. The four performances, spread out across 2017 but all happening at the Jazz Gallery Center for the Arts, will have two big goals: educate and amplify.

In regards to education, a workshop or lecture will accompany all four performances earlier in the day. These events will provide audience members with a glimpse into both the process of the featured performer and what these performers value and look for in experimental music. This focus will allow those new to experimental music to become acquainted with this often opaque genre and also give those seasoned listeners a chance to dig deeper into these fantastic artists’ work.

As for amplification, the programming for this year’s EES specifically aims to amplify the voices of female artists in experimental music. In an attempt to battle (in some small part) the false notion that experimental music, and noise in particular, is nothing but a boys club, all of the featured performers are either women or groups featuring women. And they also happen to be some of the best artists working in any genre, so there’s also that.

Here are the full details for the program. Long form bios for each artist are included in the following pages:

FEBRUARY 4th- Angel Marcloid
w/ support from Nummy, The Smudge, Mommy
Facebook event can be found here

MAY 6th- Large Item Pickup (featuring Bianca Naves and Dr. Rhomboid Goatcabin)
Supporting acts TBA

AUGUST 5th- Olivia Block
Supporting acts TBA

NOVEMBER 4th- Sarah Hennies and Jason Zeh
Supporting acts TBA

All performances and workshops:
The Jazz Gallery Center for the Arts (926 E Center St)
Concert- 8:00 PM
Workshop- 4:00 PM
All Ages
$6-12 donation strongly encouraged

Evan Parker and Friends in London, Reviewed

British saxophonist Evan Parker

Source: Financial Times.

When free jazz is alight, it delivers a peerless level of intensity. Without theme or structure to fall back on, the only safety net is the musicians’ skill and rapport, and when a band is on song, this infuses each note with risk and focus. This gig featured saxophonist Evan Parker, one of the idiom’s innovators, his regular collaborators, double bassist John Edwards and Mark Sanders on drums, and a guest, the Mobo-winning saxophonist Shabaka Hutchings.

The Stone in January

Swiss pianist Sylvie Courvoisier, performing a...

Source: New York’s Stone.

1/3 Tuesday (AK)
9 pm
Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the CD Sound Songs
Jerry Granelli (drums) Jay Clayton (voice) Briggan Krauss (saxophone)
J Anthony Granelli (piccolo bass)
Jerry Granelli (drums, slide guitar, piano)

1/4 Wednesday (SK)
9 pm
Double Trouble
Jerry Granelli (drums) Billy Hart (drums)

1/5 Thursday (DDT)
9 pm
What I Hear Now
Jerry Granelli (drums) Jane Ira Bloom (soprano saxophone), Dave Douglas (trumpet), Mark Dresser (bass)

1/6 Friday (HW)
9 pm
TRIO – Songs From My Life
Jerry Granelli (Drums) , Jamie Saft (keyboards/piano), Brad Jones (bass)

1/7 Saturday (AM)
9 pm
Jerry Granelli (drums) Peter Epstein (soprano sax) Chris Speed (tenor sax, clarinet) Jamie Saft (piano, fender rhodes) J. Anthony Granelli (bass) Briggan Krauss (alto sax, baritone sax)

1/8 Sunday (AP)
9 pm
Rinde Eckert (voice) Jerry Granelli (drums) Ben Goldberg (clarinet) Ned Rothenberg (bass clarinet) Andy Laster (baritone saxophone) Jeff Zeigler (cello) Christian Kogel (guitar) J Anthony Granelli (bass)
TEXT By Rinde Eckert

1/10 Tuesday (SK)
9 pm
Óskar Guðjónsson (tenor sax) Elias Stemeseder (keyboards) Chris Tordini (bass) Jim Black (drums, electronics)

1/11 Wednesday (SK)
9 pm
Not Bloodcount
Tim Berne (alto sax) Chris Speed (tenor sax, clarinet) Michael Formanek (bass) Jim Black (drums)

1/12 Thursday (DDT)
9 pm
Endangered Blood
Chris Speed (tenor sax, clarinet) Oscar Noriega (alto sax, bass clarinet) Trevor Dunn (bass) Jim Black (drums)

1/13 Friday (HW)
9 pm
Nels Cline (guitar) Elias Stemeseder (keyboards) Jim Black (drums, electronics)

1/14 Saturday (MJC)
9 pm
Jim Black Trio
Elias Stemeseder (piano) Thomas Morgan (bass) Jim Black (drums)

1/15 Sunday (AP)
9 pm
Mystery Night
Jim Black (drums) and many special guests

1/17 Tuesday (NB)
9 pm
Desolation Pops
Kathleen Supové (piano) James Ilgenfritz (contrabass) The Rhythm Method: Marina Kifferstein (violin) Leah Asher (violin) Anne Lanzilotti (viola) Meaghan Burke (cello)
The newest installment of Moore’s cycle of music for piano and strings.

1/18 Wednesday (NB)
9 pm
James Moore & Ayano Kataoka
James Moore (guitar) Ayano Kataoka (percussion)
A duo set featuring Lou Harrison’s works for guitar & percussion and George Crumb’s Mundus Canis.

1/19 Thursday (AK)
9 pm
John Cage: The Ten Thousand Things
Jim Fletcher (speaker) Andie Springer (violin) James Moore (prepared piano)
Moore & Springer are joined by actor Jim Fletcher for a staged rendering of Cage’s modular works written from 1954-1960.

Inaugural Sound Clash For the 2 Americas—An Ontological Subharmonic Convergence
A rare visit by this legendary Tokyo percussionist in concert with his long-time cohort Bill Laswell and three virtuoso guitarists. DON’T MISS THIS!

1/20 Friday (HW)
9 pm
Forever House
Meaghan Burke (cello, voice) James Ilgenfritz (bass) James Moore (guitar) Peter Wise (drums) and special guests

1030 pm
Inaugural Sound Clash For the 2 Americas—An Ontological Subharmonic Convergence
Bill Laswell (bass) Yamaki Hideo (drums)
Raoul Björkenheim (guitar) Mike Sopko (guitar) Dominic James (guitar)

1/21 Saturday (AR)
9 pm
Chamber Music by Virginia Seay
Mila Henry (piano, conductor) Mellissa Hughes (voice) Margaret Lancaster (flute) Karisa Antonio (oboe) Eileen Mack (clarinet) Eleonore Oppenheim (contrabass) Peter Wise (percussion) The Rhythm Method: Marina Kifferstein (violin) Leah Asher (violin) Anne Lanzilotti (viola) Meaghan Burke (cello)
Moore presents a program of music by his grandmother Virginia Seay, an accomplished twelve-tone composer of the 1940s and protégé of Ernst Krenek. Many of these scores will be performed for the first time in over 60 years.

1/22 Sunday (AM)
9 pm
James Moore & Marc Ribot
James Moore (guitar) Marc Ribot (guitar)
Moore and Ribot join forces for explosive new interpretations of John Zorn’s game pieces Dominoes and Tennis

1/24 Tuesday (AV)
9 pm
Mephista + Jen Shyu
Sylvie Courvoisier (piano) Ikue Mori (electronics) Susie Ibarra (drums) Jen Shyu (voice)

1/25 Wednesday (AV)
9 pm
Lazuline + Sylvie Courvoisier & Mark Feldman Duo
Pauline Kim Harris (violin) Jennifer Choi (violin) Mark Feldman (violin) Sylvie Courvoiser (piano, composition)
Lazuline : a new composition for 3 violins and piano (25 min) + new compositions for violin & piano.

1/26 Thursday (DDT)
9 pm
DUO Sylvie Courvoisier & Mary Halvorson
Sylvie Courvoiser (piano) Mary Halvorson (guitar)
Album Release concert!

1/27 Friday (HM)
9 pm
QUARTET with Sylvie Courvoisier, Mark Feldman, Ingrid Laubrock, Tom Rainey
Mark Feldman (violin) Sylvie Courvoiser (piano) Tom Rainey (drums) Ingrid Laubrock (sax)

1/28 Saturday (HM)
9 pm
«Engrenages» Large Ensemble for 10 musicians
Kenny Wollesen (drums) Sylvie Courvoisier (piano) plus violin, viola, 2 celli, trumpet, trombone, tuba, bass

1/29 Sunday (HM)
9 pm
Sylvie Courvoisier TRiO with Kenny Wollesen and Drew Gress
Sylvie Courvoisier (piano) Kenny Wollesen (drums) Drew Gress (bass)

1/31 Tuesday (RK)
9 pm
Will Greene (guitar) Simon Hanes (bass) Aaron Edgcomb (drums)