REDCAT Winter / Spring 2017 Schedule

Harry Partch (c. 1969), from the cover of The ...

Source: LA’s REDCAT.

Jan 10
Mark Robson: Natural Durations
Piano Spheres continues its series of “Deconstructions: The Leonard Stein Centenary Season” with Mark Robson.

Jan 15
JACK Quartet and Lightbulb Ensemble
The trailblazing JACK Quartet joins forces with the multi-instrumental Lightbulb Ensemble (LBE) for a special collaborative concert that combines contemporary composition, newly created instruments, and complex contrapuntal gamelan percussion.

Jan 31
Piano Spheres Presents Vicky Ray: Dream Teams
This program led by virtuoso keyboardist Vicki Ray includes the world premiere of Dylan Mattingly’s Dreams and False Alarms, for 2 microtonal keyboards; Brad Lubman’s Tangents, for 2 pianos and 2 percussion instruments; and Erik Griswold’s A the Wolfe in the Mangroves (Concerto for Prepared Piano and Percussion Quartet).

Feb 04
Georgia Anne Muldrow and Steve Lehman
This double bill brings together two of today’s most bracingly original voices in jazz and urban experimentalism.

Feb 06
Mark Menzies: from the islands… to fragments
As beautiful and highly charged in its performance as it is ingenious in its choice of repertoire, this concert of solo violin and viola music by internationally celebrated New Zealand-born virtuoso Mark Menzies promises to open up our contemporary understanding of those instruments—and the solo concert experience itself.

Feb 09 to Feb 11
Dahlak Brathwaite: Spiritrials
Dahlak Brathwaite’s incisive humor and poetic wisdom transforms this chilling personal story into a vivid theatrical event in collaboration with celebrated DJ Din Decibels and gifted director Marc Bamuthi Joseph.

Mar 10
Burning Ghosts, Evil Genius, RAGE Thormbones
Three brass-led experimental outfits at the forefront of L.A.’s creative music scene serve up a high-powered program—ranging from lo-fi complexity and rambunctious improvisation to blistering musical expression and emphatic new takes on “heavy metal.”

Apr 06
Marc Lowenstein
Marc Lowenstein, one of the most influential figures behind the surging L.A. contemporary music scene, steps into the spotlight with a selection of soaring new works for voice, soloists and chamber orchestra.

Apr 08
Clarence Barlow
An internationally recognized pioneer of electroacoustic, computer and interdisciplinary music, Clarence Barlow has created exquisite algorithmic compositions for traditional instruments and electronic devices since the 1970s.

Apr 25
Piano Spheres Presents Susan Svrček: For Spring
Susan Svrček welcomes Spring with two works by Milhaud: Le Printemps and Suite (1913).

Apr 26
Dohee Lee: MU/巫
A creative visionary trained at the master level in music composition, singing, drumming and dance, Alpert Award winner Dohee Lee has developed an original multimedia iteration of ancient Korean shamanism.

Jun 15 to Jun 18
Kamala Sankaram: Thumbprint
An astonishing true story of courage and triumph, Thumbprint explores the deep family ties and tribal traditions that empowered Mukhtar Mai to become the first female victim of gang rape in Pakistan to bring her attackers to justice.

Jun 23 to Jun 24
The Grammy Award-winning group Partch brings the magic of Harry Partch’s score for the Arthouse film WINDSONG (1958) to Los Angeles for the very first time.