Hamiet Bluiett GoFundMe Launched

Olver Lake and Hamiet Bluiett (cropped version)

Source: GoFundMe. Hamiet Bluiett founded the Black Artists Group in St. Louis, and played with Hemphill, Lake, Murray and Mingus. He needs help. Please consider donating if you can.

My name is Anaya Bluiett and I am the grand daughter of Hamiet Bluiett, world known Baritone saxophonist. Recently, he’s been hospitalized for several months because he has had numerous strokes and seizures. He was in the critical intensive care unit, then the hospital and two rehabs to help him get back to himself but it’s still going to take some time. I am trying to raise money for him for his bills and traveling expenses, since he no longer will be able to work. I’m working on moving him back to Saint Louis from New York, where he is currently living. I’ve been traveling back and forth to take care of him. He doesn’t like asking people for help, but sometimes that’s what you have to do, to be able to help yourself. He’s been playing the baritone saxophone for decades and music is what he loves more than anything. For him to have to retire is going to be the most difficult part to deal with for him. If there’s anything you’ll can do to help, it would be greatly appreciated. You can look him up on google to find out an


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