Upcoming Arraymusic Shows

Source: Toronto’s Arraymusic.

Array/Evergreen Community Gamelan
Sunday, December 18, 2016 1pm to 4pm
Array Space 155 Walnut Ave.
Toronto, M6J 3W3
Array/Evergreen Community Gamelan Meetup.
Have a seat and immediately join in the music making. These are fun, hands-on Meet Ups that bring people together to play beautiful Indonesian instruments. Along with a huge collection of percussion instruments including gongs, bowls, vibes, marimba, drums, djembe, congas, bells, chimes, shells and more, we also can use the Gamelan Instruments used in the recording of the soundtrack for Life of Pi (music by Mychael Danna).

Array Session #43
Monday, December 19, 8pm
The Array Space
155 Walnut Ave, M6J 3W3
Spontaneous Group Composition
Session #43 lineup:
Lina Allemano – trumpet
Rob Clutton – string bass
Nicole Rampersaud – trumpet
Martin Arnold – Vox invader

Cascades and Abysses: Stephen Clarke in Recital
Sunday, January 8, 8pm
Gallery 345
345 Sorauren Ave. M6R 2G5
$20 / PWYC
Arraymusic’s resident piano virtuoso, Stephen Clarke presents a concert of works by four radically singular composers, Giacinto Scelsi (1905–1988), Udo Kasemets (1919-2014), Horatiu Rădulescu (1942-2008) and Gerald Barry (1952). All four composers bring together extreme clarity with unsettling strangeness.

Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017
The Array Space
155 Walnut Ave, M6J 3W3
Marco Cappelli – Doug Wieselman – Jose Davila – Ken Filiano – Jim Pugliese. Special guest: Francesco Pellegrino
IDR is the result of the artistic exchange between Marco Cappelli and Jim Pugliese, whose mutual reverence for the villages’ ritual music brought them to the following statement: reflect the process of memory’s distortion of the second/third immigrantes generation, living in the New Yorker cultural melting pot with a strong traditional background;