Jemeel Moondoc Kickstarter for Queen of Spades

I hope to be recording a new CD titled ‘QUEEN OF SPADES’ this coming late January or February. This Kickstarter project is being launched specifically to offset the short fall of Artist and Mechanical Royalty Fees (approximately $3,900.00 necessary to complete this recording project. Understanding the current economic situation and its effect on the recording industry, especially in this small Avant-Garde Jazz market which is currently being kept afloat by small record label ventures. These labels usually can afford to invest, the initial cost of studio time, which includes recording, mixing and mastering; CD reproduction, cover art and design and any other post production cost.

The title piece ‘QUEEN of SPADES’ a composition written by the late great musician and jazz conductor, Butch Lawrence Morris, arranged by Moondoc for his jazz quintet. The Jemeel Moondoc Quintet include Nathan Breedlove – trumpet, Matthew Shipp – piano, Hill Greene – bass and Newman Taylor Baker – drums. The ‘QUEEN of SPADES’ will also include compositions of urban blues, up-tempo post be-bop avant-garde jazz, new music for the new era; compelling and ageless; Moondoc Jazz.