Schnellertollermeier Profiled

Source: Echoes And Dust.

By the sixties, jazz’s golden age was a distant memory. The rock revolution would soon dethrone jazz’s technical, theoretical backbone in favor of its simplified, accessible sound. For the rest of the century, rock would be scrutinized and simplified, dismantled and destructed. Surviving punk, new wave, grunge, and its leftfield “post” stage, rock provided decades of endless possibilities. Even today, rock is still being pushed further, coming full circle with the “brutal jazz” sound of Switzerland’s Schnellertollermeier (STM for short). Sonically, the band is as far from Duke’s trio as one could get, but Andi Schnellmann (bass), Manuel Troller (guitar) and David Meier (drums) have learned from Jungle‘s cohesive unit of playing as a single instrument. They’re exploring jazz’s complex intricacies, melodies and dynamics within rock’s muscular impact. It’s an update, but also a rebellion.