AMN Reviews: Irene Kepl – Get Weaving! [Zeromoon zero173]


The open form composition—the composition that leaves significant aspects of its realization to the discretion of the performers—combines the immediacy and in-the-moment awareness of improvisation with the thought-out architecture associated with more conventional, premeditated writing. Get Weaving!, a work by Austrian violinist / composer Irene Kepl, is just such a composition, here performed by a quintet comprising the composer on violin, Ingrid Schmoliner on prepared piano, Petr Vrba on trumpet and speakers, Werner Zangele on alto saxophone, and Susanna Gartmayer on bass clarinet.

Kepl’s score addresses a limited but well-chosen set of parameters–instrumental groupings, foreground-background relationships, durations and timbral effects—and engages them in dynamic ways. Her compositional choices, along with her skill in conducting the ensemble through its 43-minute-long performance, produce a rewarding, profoundly textural experience consisting in a constantly changing panorama of densities and voicings, with a particular emphasis on contrasts of pure and aggregate colors.

Daniel Barbiero