The Agnes Martin / John Zorn Link

English: John Zorn Français : John Zorn

Source: The New York Times.

There could not, on first glance or listen, be two artists more different than John Zorn and Agnes Martin.

Mr. Zorn, 63, a longtime fixture of downtown Manhattan, is known for composing frenzied, explosive music, riots of psychotically bright colors. Martin — who lived alone in the New Mexico desert for decades, died in 2004 at 92 and is currently the subject of a quietly majestic retrospective at the Guggenheim Museum — made paintings of serene subtlety.

Mr. Zorn stated the obvious question as he walked on Monday morning around the Guggenheim’s rotunda, where a series of his Martin-inspired works will be played on Thursday and Friday evenings.

“Crazy John Zorn and Agnes Martin, the spiritual, the saint,” he said. “Where does it connect?”