Upcoming Ole Mathisen NY Shows

TOC (The Take Off Collective) is once again negotiating gravitational fields at ShapeShifter Lab this Wednesday Nov 23rd, 7PM – featuring Matthew Garrison, super strings; Ole Mathisen, wave/particle projections; Marko Djordjevic, time warping. $10 only. (I am also excited to hear Gene Perla’s quartet who is playing after us at 8:15.)

December 2nd, 8:30PM, SpectrumNYC
Ole Mathisen Floating Points (Ole Mathisen – tenor sax, Amir ElSaffar – trumpet, Bobby Avey – piano, Gregg August – bass)
Music inspired by elusive reference points and unpredictability in natural phenomena: turbulence, wave patterns, wind shear, currents. Nature is endlessly fascinating and unpredictable. The sound of crashing waves or rustling of leaves never gets old. What if music had that same effect?