Newsbits: Iva Bittová & Hamid Drake / Brandon Lopez / Shokyo Ontei Series / Borbetomagus

English: Iva Bittová performing at Union Hall,...

Iva Bittová & Hamid Drake will appear in St. Louis on January 21.

Jazz Right Now reviews a Brandon Lopez performance in New York.

Utech Records has released a boxed set of the Shokyo Ontei series. A number of radical musicians from East Asia, primarily from China and Japan, were invited to reconsider the multiplicity of possible connections between text and music. The result was the Shokyo Ontei series. Shokyo Ontei – a neologism that means literally word echoes/sound writing, emphasizes this overlap between the process of creation of meaning through sound and through the written language.

The set includes the nine original cds from the Shokyo Ontei series and a booklet with liner notes by Alan Cummings and photo by Wilson Au.

The new album from Borbetomagus is reviewed by Burning Ambulance.