R.I.P. Electronic Music Pioneer Jean-Claude Risset

Source: Exclaim!

French electronic visionary Jean-Claude Risset has sadly died. According to French media reports, Risset passed away on Monday (November 21) in Marseille. He was 78.

Alongside the likes of Pierre Henry, Pierre Schaeffer and Pierre Boulez, Risset brought early electronic music into new, unexplored territories. With a training in physics, piano and composition, he is often seen as the first French musician to ever use computers for composition and music production.

AMN Picks of the Week: Luong Hue Trinh / Burial Hex / Jon Lundbom / Ten / David Zakarian

Here is where I post, at a frequency of about once a week, a list of the new music that has caught my attention that week. All of the releases listed below I’ve heard for the first time this week and come recommended.

Luong Hue Trinh – Illusions (2016)
Burial Hex – Throne (2016)
Jon Lundbom / Big Five Chord – Make the Changes (2016)
Jon Lundbom / Big Five Chord – Play all the Notes (2016)
Ten – Yukon Youth (2016)
David Zakarian – 11 (2016)



November 17, 2016
The Mess, The Owl Music Parlor
Chris Corsano Brandon Lopez Sam Yulsman

November 17, 2016
Air Ceremony, The Owl Music Parlor
Mike Baggetta Dustin Carlson Kate Gentile Danny Gouker Adam Hopkins Nathaniel Morgan Eric Trudel

November 13, 2016
Sarah Gail Brand, Maggie Nicols, John Edwards, Mark Sanders, Schl8hof, Wels
Sarah Gail Brand John Edwards Maggie Nicols Mark Sanders

November 12, 2016
Anti-House 4, Schl8hof, Wels
Kris Davis Mary Halvorson Ingrid Laubrock Tom Rainey

November 13, 2016
Peter Brötzmann & Heather Leigh, Schl8hof, Wels
Peter Brötzmann Heather Leigh

November 12, 2016
Fred Frith, Nate Wooley, Lotte Anker, Ken Vandermark, Schl8hof, Wels
Lotte Anker Fred Frith Ken Vandermark Nate Wooley

November 13, 2016
Amsterdam String Trio, Schl8hof, Wels
Ernst Glerum Maurice Horsthuis Ernst Reijseger

5049 Records Podcast Episode 91 – Travis Laplante 

Source: 5049 Records

Travis Laplante is an extremely focused and sincere tenor player who first moved to New York City to study jazz. Currently he splits his time between Brooklyn and southern Vermont, where he and his wife operate a qigong and acupuncture clinic called Sword Hands. For this talk, we go back to Travis’ childhood in Vermont, learning to play the sax, starting his first band, Little Women, up to his current work with his quartet, Battle Trance. Travis is a great guy and I hope that you will enjoy this one.