The Secret Muse of the Downtown Scene? Turtles 


Neutron, in fact, is just one among many of the reptilian participants in a substantial, and neglected, history of turtles in experimental music. For a few significant years in the 1960s, the Minimalist innovator La Monte Young and his collaborator and wife, the visual artist Marian Zazeela, kept as many as 14 in a giant makeshift aquarium in their own loft in TriBeCa.

“We would sing for our turtles,” Mr. Young said in a recent interview in that apartment, downstairs from his and Ms. Zazeela’s “Dream House,” a sound and light installation in which their Just Alap Raga Ensemble will perform on Thursday, Nov. 18, and which will open for the season on Nov. 23. “We told ourselves that they liked it. They didn’t deny it.”