Anthony Braxton Interviewed and Profiled

Anthony Braxton playing a contrabass saxophone

Source: Herald Scotland.

Braxton is a 71-year-old saxophonist and composer who has made huge contributions to jazz over his 50-year career but who has spent most of that time taking umbrage with the term. “As a black man with a saxophone,” says Bynum, “he is most often lumped into the category, regardless of whether he is leading a quartet or conducting an opera!” Bynum suggests that Braxton and his peers “exploded those definitions from the very beginning”, because the music they played drew on way too many traditions (jazz, improv, various strains of contemporary classical) to fit into one label. And it was a two way thing: Braxton was cold-shouldered by arbiters of the neo-conservative jazz establishment like Wynton Marsalis because his unbound sounds didn’t quote the right trumpet solos, didn’t stick to the right modes, didn’t swing the way they wanted it to.

AMN Picks of the Week: Horselover Fats / Mark Dresser / Jon Armstrong / Bernocchi and Sontakke / DR MiNT

Here is where I post, at a frequency of about once a week, a list of the new music that has caught my attention that week. All of the releases listed below I’ve heard for the first time this week and come recommended.

Horselover Fats – Liberty Ashes (2016)
Mark Dresser Seven – Sedimental You (2016)
Jon Armstrong – Burnt Hibiscus (2016)
Eraldo Bernocchi and Prakash Sontakke – Invisible Strings (2016)
DR MiNT – Voices in the Void (2016)

Edgetone Records Fall Releases

Source: Edgetone Records.

Slender Loris: A Phoenix-based improvising duo blending woodwinds and modular synth/electronics
Keith Kelly – soprano, tenor saxophones, bass clarinet, flute
Tony Orb – modular synthesizer, electronics

James Freeman – Echoes of Nature IV
Continuing his experimental style that is in “no known musical genre”, James Freeman expands the outer reaches of sonority reverberating from a universal sourced. (insert formula) is still the overriding musical groundwork, creating a relentlessly accelerating matrix of notes. Improvisation on violin and flute was played with total freedom in one take. The result is a true hybrid of classical and jazz. LIONS alone explores the microtones generated from the math formulas. On the reprise of each piece, Mads Tolling plays an “outtake” solo. One must marvel at his uncanny ability to play “with” the music + his spontaneous sensitivity to the varying moods as they arise.
James Freeman – field recordings, synthesizers Nika Rejto – flute Mads Tolling – violin, vilola

Noertker’s Moxie – druidh penumbra
This is the second Moxie CD in the druidh series. The first, druidh lacunae, occurred in the gap between the three Sketches of Catalonia CDs and the three Blue Rider CDs. Whilst those extended suites were being composed and performed, in the partial shadows other music was also being performed and composed. Some of my compositional and thematic concerns are brought out from the shadows here: Schoenberg, Ornette, Rilke, Picasso, Cortázar, the films of David Beck, the life cycle of butterflies, the circus, the waltz, Faulkner, and Charlie Haden.
Annelise Zamula – tenor saxophone and flute Bill Noertker – contrabass Joshua Marshall- tenor saxophone Jim Peterson – alto saxophone and flute John Vaughn – baritone sax Amber Lamprecht – oboe Theo Padouvas – cornet Eli Wallace – piano Brett Carson – piano Jason Levis – drums Dax Compise – drums Jordan Glenn – drums

The Free Jazz Collective Reviews

English: Mats Gustafsson, moers festival

Source: The Free Jazz Collective.

Katharina Klement / Martin Siewert – Hoverload (chmafu nocords, 2016) ****
Modular String Trio – Part of the Process (Multikulti Project, 2016) ***½ By Derek Stone
Modular String Trio – Ants, Bees and Butterflies (Clean Feed, 2016) ***½
Mats Gustafsson / Christof Kurzmann – Failing and 5 other failings (Trost, 2016) ****
Jack Wright & Zach Darrup – Meet & Greet (Spring Garden Music, 2015) ***½
Jack Wright & Ron Stabinsky – Just What You Need Today (Spring Garden Music, 2016) ****½
Jack Wright, Joel Kromer, Edmond Cho – This Is Where You Get Off (Spring Garden Music, 2016) ***½
Catherine Sikora – Jersey (Relative Pitch, 2016) ****
Paulo Chagas- Oboe Solo (Zpoluras Archives, 2016) ****
Joe McPhee – Flowers (Cipsela, 2016) *****
Jessica Pavone – Silent Spills (Relative Pitch, 2016) ****
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Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 23/2016

Source: Taran’s Free Jazz Hour.

Aut | Floian Chaigne
Blooming: Florian Chaigne, Dr, Perc/ with Guests

John Lindberg Raptor Trio: Pablo Calogero Baritone Saxophone | John Lindberg Double Bass | Joe Labarbera Drums

Momentum: Jørgen Mathisen Soprano and Tenor Saxophone | Christian Meaas Svendsen Bass | Andreas Wildhagen Drums

What’s Wrong?: Friends & Neighbors-andré Roligheten Tenor Saxophone and Clarinets | Thomas Johansson Trumpet | Oscar Grönberg Piano | Jon Rune Strøm Double Bass | Tollef ØStvang Drums

Leo Records
Art of the Improv Trio 4: Ivo Perelman, Ts/ William Parker, B/ Gerald Cleaver, Dr

Art of the Improv Trio 5: Ivo Perelman, Ts/ Joe Morris, El G/ Gerald Cleaver, Dr

Jon Lundbom
Make the Changes: Jon Lundbom: Guitar; Jon Irabagon: Soprano Saxophone; Bryan Murray: Tenors Saxophone, Balto! Saxophone; Moppa Elliott: Bass; Dan Monaghan: Drums; Justin Wood: Flute, Alto Saxophone; Sam Kulik: Trombone

Florian Wittenburg
Eagle Prayer: Florian Wittenburg, P

Mu: Adriano Lanzi, G/ Federica Vecchio, Cello

Not Two
Dragonfly Breathiii: Paul Flaherty, as, Ts/ Steve Swell, Tbn/ C Spencer Yeh, Vln, Electronics/ Weasel Walter, Dr

Ken Schaphorst
How to Say Goodbye: Ken Schaphorst Big Band

Moments of Fatherhood: Nicole Mitchell Black Earth Ensemble & Ensemble Laborintus

Illegal Crowns: Mary Halvorson/ Tomas Fujiwara/ Benoit Delbecq/ Taylor Ho Bynum

Cuneiform Records
America’s National Parks: Golden Quintet Wadada Leo Smith, Trumpet, Director of the Ensemble Anthony Davis, Piano Ashley Walters: Cello John Lindberg, Bass Pheeroan Aklaff, Drums Jesse Gilbert, Video Artist

Extended Techniques NYC Calendar for November 2016 

English: Zeena Parkins performing with Cosa Br...

Source: extended techniques.

THURSDAY, November 3 and FRIDAY, November 4
8 PM Tocsin
Music of Patrick Higgins, string quartets, piano trio, and chamber orchestra with visuals by Tauba Auerbach and Alexander Arroyo
Performed by Vicky Chow, Mivos Quartet and Wet Ink Ensemble
VENUE: pioneer works
ADMISSION: $20/$30

FRIDAY, November 4
7:30 PM BAC Salon: Carolina Eyck + ACME
Bryce Dessner: Little Blue Something for string quartet
Carolina Eyck: Fantasias for theremin and string quartet (World Premiere)
VENUE: Baryshnikov Arts Center

WEDNESDAY, November 9
8PM Zeena Parkins and Green Dome
Composer/avant-harpist Zeena Parkins, solo set, followed by an electric performance with her band, Green Dome
VENUE: Roulette
ADMISSION: $20/$15

SATUDRAY, November 5
8 PM Sonnets and Kulintang
Paolo Javier (poetry) Susie Ibarra (Kulintang gongs, percussion)
10 PM Music for Percussion :
Mirrors and Water, These Trees That Speak, Mimesis
Susie Ibarra (percussion)
VENUE: The Stone
ADMISSION: $20 (each set)

WEDNESDAY, November 9
10 PM First Meeting: Duende Strings
Marty Ehrlich (sax, clarinet, flute) Mark Feldman (violin) Matt Maneri (viola) Erik Friedlander (cello)
VENUE: The Stone

SATURDAY, November 12
10 PM duO dUo Duo
Marty Ehrlich, Ned Rothenberg (reeds) Michael Formanek (bass) Ray Anderson (trombone)
VENUE: The Stone

SUNDAY, November 13
3 PM Piano Salon with Imri Talgam
Ligeti études, Books I & II
VENUE: Spectrum

MONDAY, November 14
7:30 PM Sofia Gubaidulina: In Honor of her 85th Birthday
Joel Sachs, conductor
Caitlin Redding, mezzo-soprano
Leo Radosavljevic, baritone
Salvatore Sciarrino (Italy) Gesualdo senza parole (2013)
Sofia Gubaidulina (USSR/Germany) Perception (1983)
VENUE: Paul Recital Hall (The Juilliard School)

TUESDAY, November 15
7PM Art as a Spiritual Practice: A Conversation with Meredith Monk & Ani Choying Drolma
VENUE: New School

THURSDAY, November 17
8PM Interpretations: Erik Friedlander’s Black Phebe
VENUE: Roulette
ADMISSION: $20/$15

THURSDAY, November 17
7PM and 9:30PM Meredith Monk & Ani Choying Drolma – Art as a Spiritual VENUE: National Sawdust
ADMISSION: $75/$45

SATURDAY, November 19
7 PM Arvo Pärt: Kanon Pokajanen
Westminster Williamson Voices of Westminster Choir College

SATURDAY, November 19 and SUNDAY November 20
7 PM Kaija Saariaho: La Passion de Simone
La Passion de Simone (chamber version, 2013)
“A Musical Path In Fifteen Stations”
Music: Kaija Saariaho
Libretto: Amin Maalouf
Director: Aleksi Barrière
Conductor: Clément Mao-Takacs
Solo soprano: Sayuri Araida
Production by La Chambre aux échos
VENUE: The Gerald W Lynch Theatre

SATURDAY, November 19 and SUNDAY November 20
9 PM Zion80
Jon Madof, Yoshie Fruchter (guitars) Matt Darriau (alto sax) Greg Wall (tenor sax) Frank London (trumpet) Jessica Lurie (bari sax, flute) Zach Mayer (bari sax) Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz (bass) Brian Marsella (keyboard) Marlon Sobol (percussion) Yuval Lion (drums)
Note Different Time! One Set That Begins At 9pm
VENUE: The Stone

MONDAY, November 21
9PM The Bad Plus
VENUE: Rough Trade NYC

10:30PM TIM BERNE, saxophone; SHAHZAD ISMAILY, bass, CHES SMITH, drums
VENUE: Korzo

WEDNESDAY, November 30
10 PM Marc Ribot and Zeena Parkins
Marc Ribot (guitar) Zeena Parkins (harp)
VENUE: The Stone
ADMISSION: $20 (each set)

IMA Stone Residency in December

English: John Zorn Français : John Zorn

Source: AMMA ATERIA, IMA is a Japanese electronic and percussion duo and will have a 6-day Stone residency.

An explosive quartet kicks off night one with double electronic musicians and double percussionists. Drummer BRIAN CHASE of Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the electic electronist CHUCK BETTIS (Snake Union, Mossenek) doubles its forces with electro-percussion duo IMA, the stark electronist AMMA ATERIA and fierce yet atmospheric percussion by NAVA DUNKELMAN. An introduction channeled by the brinks of beauty and breakage with space expanding frequencies.

New York’s pioneering virtuoso percussionist SHAYNA DUNKELMAN of Xiu Xiu, and exceptional cutting edge abstractionist guitarist AVA MENDOZA of Unnatural Ways, joins the cinematic time warping sound space of dark and beautiful places with IMA, the stark electronic expansions of AMMA ATERIA and fierce yet atmospheric percussionist, NAVA DUNKELMAN.

The prolific and profound JOHN ZORN, composer, arranger, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, founder of Tzadik,MacArthur Fellowship Genius Grant recipient, joins forces with IMA, the heart threnching and shoving electro-percussion duo, the stark electronics by AMMA ATERIA and the fierce yet atmospheric percussionist, NAVA DUNKELMAN. Completing the quartet, is Zorn’s long time collaborator IKUE MORI, laptop pioneer and New York’s downtown cult figure, one of the most important musicians working in the field of electronics. Her highly unique sound world is known and respected by musicians everywhere.

12/16 FRIDAY
Premiered at The Exploratorium in Sept. 2016 San Francisco Electronic Music Festival. The titled piece is the cinematic compositions of haunting beauty and violence by IMA, the electro-­percussion duo of AMMA ATERIA and NAVA DUNKELMAN. The duo explores distortions of time through forces of restraint and release. Their dailogue and array of metallic nature marches forth with space-expanding densities to the brinks of breakage, situated to be caressed by beautification in between. Collaborated with and selected by John Zorn as December 2016 Artist in Residence, IMA have also performed with Fred Frith, Ikue Mori, William Winant, and many others.

Prominent musical figure cellist ERIK FRIEDLANDER is one of the most important musicians on his respective instrument within jazz, New Music, and the ever vital Downtown scene of New York. His unpredictable expressions and approach to musical communications will meet on this night the avant garde electronic violinist PAUCHI SASAKI, traveling all the way from Peru, she is also the recipient of the 2016 Rolex Mentorship with Philip Glass. IMA is the duo of AMMA ATERIA on space expanding electronics that tests the brinks of polarity of the stark and lightness, as well as the fierce yet atmospheric percussionist NAVA DUNKELMAN. Members of IMA has performed with FRIEDLANDER and SASAKI individually, the journey here will be full of cinematic sparks.

12/18 SUNDAY
The Grand Finale: Renowned harpist ZEENA PARKINS, the pioneer of contemporary harp, who reimagined her instrument as a “sound machine of limitless capacity” and extended the language of the acoustic harp with the inventive use of unusual playing techniques and layers of electronic processing. She is a sought-after collaborator of John Zorn, Fred Frith, Björk, and many others. ANNIE LEWANDOWSKI aka Powerdove is a composer, improviser, and multi-instrumentalist, whose work has situated her between the worlds of improvisation and rock music. Both extraordinary musics will join IMA, the space expanding, stark and striking electronics of AMMA ATERIA, and the hauntingly fierce yet atmospheric percussion of NAVA DUNKELMAN.