Santa Sangre Reviews

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SHRINE – ORDEAL 26.04.86



October 15, 2016
Acoustic Frontiers, Spectrum
Robert Dick James Ilgenfritz Michael Lytle

October 15, 2016
Arcade 2, Spectrum
Brad Barrett Dre Hocevar Charmaine Lee Brandon Lopez Lester St. Louis Joe Morris Weston Olencki Eric Stilwell Sam Yulsman

October 15, 2016
Arcade 1, Spectrum
Brad Barrett Joe Morris Eric Stilwell

October 13, 2016
Sarah Neufeld & Colin Stetson, Brookfield Place
Sarah Neufeld Colin Stetson

October 12, 2016
Charmaine Lee Solo, Spectrum
Charmaine Lee

October 12, 2016
Flamingo, Spectrum
Chris Heenan Adam Pultz Melbye Christian Windfeld

October 2, 2016
MV Carbon Solo, Union Pool
MV Carbon
October 3, 2016
Duck Baker Solo, The Stone
Duck Baker

Musique Machine Reviews

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Rafal Kolacki – Hijra: Noise From The Jungle
Kevin Hufnagel – Kleines Biest
Joe Westerlund – Mojave Interlude
Cannibal Meat Holocaust/Ataraxy – Split
Forma – Physicalist
Chier – Neon Heat
A Raja’s Mesh Men – Hanging Gardens
Dosis Letalis – Perpetual Panorama Of Wane
hermit – Self Hate
Alexander Oye – The Sound of Progress DVD

Andrew Cyrille Profiled

Andrew Cyrille

Source: The New York Times.

Andrew Cyrille opens one of his two new albums, “The Declaration of Musical Independence,” with a syncopated figure on a snare drum, as taut and riveting as a military cadence. Then he adds cymbals and kick drum, giving the phrase a sinuous curve just as the rest of the band enters. What they’re playing is “Coltrane Time,” an obscure piece by John Coltrane, and Mr. Cyrille shows the way forward with a regal, flowing self-possession.

He has been working this way more or less since the 1960s, reshaping jazz’s rhythmic syntax while engaging with its lineage. A tireless workhorse in the avant-garde, Mr. Cyrille, 76, deserves substantial credit for helping to unlock a freer pulse and purpose in the music, slipping away from a metronomic framework while preserving a rigorous attention to form.

Upcoming Bridge Shows in Chicago

English: *description: Jeb Bishop photographer...

Like all the assemblies of musicians put forward by the transatlantic network The Bridge, this formation is a story of mergings and involvements, a story born of desire and a few initial encounters. Thus, Frédéric BBriet and Guillaume Orti have spent much time together at the time of the Hask collective in the 90s. With his polyvalent ensemble Nimbus, the double bass player has made sure to invite the saxophonist, as well as flute player Magic Malik (who has also collaborated with Orti, most notably for the ensemble Octurn). Briet, during a trip to the U.S. in 2012, met Tyshawn Sorey in New York and Jeb Bishop in Chicago, with whom he later collaborated in the ensemble Bonadventure Pencroff. Sorey, who knew Malik due to their both gravitating in the stevecolemanian solar system, share with Bishop and Khari B. a common denominator: George Lewis, the trombonist, improviser, composer, musical software programmer, and Columbia University musicologist, with whom all three have performed or studied. And Khari B., son of the saxophone and clarinet player Mwata Bowden, was the previous chairman of the AACM, on which Lewis wrote a book.

11/2: The Promontory, Vent Fort concert with live projections by Doug Fogelson + DJ set by Khari B., 8pm

Two joint events!
11/3: Comfort Station, Tatsu Aoki & Fred BBriet bass duo, 7pm
11/3: Hairpin Arts Center, The Bridge vs Asian Improv aRts, 9.30pm

11/4: 6018 North Kenmore, “Passing Between”, a site-specific performance with Magician Sean Masterson, 7.30pm and 9pm.

11/6: Diasporal Rhythms, workshop with visual artists, 12.30pm

11/6: ProMusica, live public recording of Vent Fort w/ drummer Dana Hall, 4pm

11/6: The Hungry Brain, with special guests TBA, 9.30pm

11/7: Arts Incubator Jazz Mondays @ Currency Exchange Café, Vent Fort concert, 7pm

11/8: Logan Center for the Arts, “Vote for Jazz!” special election night. Vent Fort concert followed by a discussion, 7.30pm

11/9: Doug Fogelson Studio, Vent Fort concert, 9pm

Pick your concert!
11/10: Yellow Korner Chicago, Khari B., Magic Malik & Guilaume Orti trio, 7pm
11/10: Elastic Arts, Jeb Bishop, Fred BBriet & Tyshawn Sorey trio, joined in the 2nd set by Jaap Blonk (voice) and Dave Rempis (saxes), 9pm

11/11: American Indian Center, “The Bridge to Native Chicago: A Music Exchange of Jazz and Songs of the Southern Plains”, 7pm

Pick your concert!
11/12: The Stony Island Arts Bank, Vent Fort performance, 2pm
11/12: Corbett vs Dempsey, Tyshawn Sorey solo, 3pm

11/12: Constellation, Vent Fort concert, 8.30pm

11/13: Woodland Pattern, Milwaukee WI. Vent Fort w/ drummer Tim Daisy. 7pm.

11/14: Elastic Arts, Jeb Bishop, Guillaume Orti & Tim Stine (guitar) trio, followed by Nick Mazzarella (alto sax), Fred BBRiet & Jeremy Cunningham (drums) trio, 9pm

11/15: Alliance Française de Chicago, Jeb Bishop, Guillaume Orti & Fred BBriet play a live soundtrack to Charlie Chaplin’s A Woman of Paris, 6.30pm

11/15: The Whistler, Vent Fort with special guests TBA, 9.30pm