Interview with Earth Tongues Musicians Joe Moffett, Dan Peck, and Carlo Costa 


The Brooklyn-based trio Earth Tongues, consisting of Joe Moffett (trumpet), Dan Peck (tuba), and Carlo Costa (percussion), released an exquisite record, Rune, on Neither/Nor Records in May 2015. On October 13, the band will release its sophomore record, Ohio, on the same label, at a concert at the art gallery Happy Lucky no. 1 in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Rune approached the boundaries of “music, noise, and quiet,” by exploring with “sounds that act as symbols of an unspoken language, suffused with meaning while remaining un-translated and open to interpretation.” The music on the first record is immersive, deep, and all-encompassing, drawing the listener into a “new world of sound, piecing together a landscape scattered with glyphs, hidden forests, frost, tape, and stone.”