Colin Stetson Performs Henryk Górecki in Chicago

English: Colin Stetson, moers festival 2010

Source: Chicago Reader.

Though he’s collaborated with Arcade Fire and Bon Iver, reedist Colin Stetson is best known for his remarkable solo work. He’s developed a mind-warping practice in which he deploys extended techniques used most often in free improvisation—circular breathing, extreme tonguing effects, et cetera—to create a kind of richly atmospheric art-pop using only his breath and a horn (most often a tenor or bass saxophone, but only one at a time). By positioning an army of microphones on and around his instrument (as well as one on his neck to pick up the humming sounds he makes in his throat), tapping the horn’s various pads and keys, and using circular breathing, he’s able to create beats and simultaneous lines. Even if the results weren’t so impressive musically, it’d make for a good circus act.