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AMN Reviews: François Couture – Spam Me (simulacres de chansons​/​simulacra of songs) (2016; Bandcamp)


I have always been intrigued by how bizarre spam email and blog comments can be. What purpose could the following actual spam message possibly have?

[I]ts brown leafy gray and quite a few equally blazed and unglazed. Have got the need to discuss Oriental, additionally You can repeat this way as well as Rosetta Gemstone Oriental. Felidia is actually a enchanting renovated townhouse residence. Some people spend their time discovering :: Hendricks.

Well, I have heard many theories and none of them make any sense, but, my favorite is that it’s the Illuminati’s Operation Mind F*ck 2.0.

On the other hand, This François Couture is inspired by these crazy spam messages. So inspired that he selected some of his favorite spam messages from his days as music journalist/ blogger Monsieur Délire to be the lyrics for his song cycle – “Spam Me (Simulacra of Songs)”. Couture’s compositions for this song cycle are constructed from a series of free improvisations and field recordings with the spam messages as lyrics. The results are songs that successfully blend noise and instruments into prog/RIO type songs with splashes of musique concréte. The use of the spam messages as lyrics really works, they have an almost poetic feel when combined with Couture’s compositions. The vocals are quite good and deliver these words with real conviction. Careful attention has been given to each individual sound and instrument in both the composition and its recorded mix, to produce a wonderfully eclectic and inventive song cycle. This will appeal to progressive ears, underground experimental types and ReR/RIO fans.

Chris De Chiara