AMN Reviews: François Couture – Spam Me (simulacres de chansons​/​simulacra of songs) (2016; Bandcamp)


I have always been intrigued by how bizarre spam email and blog comments can be. What purpose could the following actual spam message possibly have?

[I]ts brown leafy gray and quite a few equally blazed and unglazed. Have got the need to discuss Oriental, additionally You can repeat this way as well as Rosetta Gemstone Oriental. Felidia is actually a enchanting renovated townhouse residence. Some people spend their time discovering :: Hendricks.

Well, I have heard many theories and none of them make any sense, but, my favorite is that it’s the Illuminati’s Operation Mind F*ck 2.0.

On the other hand, This François Couture is inspired by these crazy spam messages. So inspired that he selected some of his favorite spam messages from his days as music journalist/ blogger Monsieur Délire to be the lyrics for his song cycle – “Spam Me (Simulacra of Songs)”. Couture’s compositions for this song cycle are constructed from a series of free improvisations and field recordings with the spam messages as lyrics. The results are songs that successfully blend noise and instruments into prog/RIO type songs with splashes of musique concréte. The use of the spam messages as lyrics really works, they have an almost poetic feel when combined with Couture’s compositions. The vocals are quite good and deliver these words with real conviction. Careful attention has been given to each individual sound and instrument in both the composition and its recorded mix, to produce a wonderfully eclectic and inventive song cycle. This will appeal to progressive ears, underground experimental types and ReR/RIO fans.

Chris De Chiara

Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 20/2016

English: Oliver Lake live at Saalfelden 2009 I...

Source: Taran’s Free Jazz Hour.

the Spirit Lives: Sergey Kurokhin’s Music Performed by Alexei Aigui & Ensemble 4’33”

Matt Wilson
Beginning of a Memory: Matt Wilson’s Big Happy Family

Marabrakeys: Almut Kuhne, Vo/ Gebhard Ullmann, Ts, Bcl/ Achim Kaufman, P
Mingus Mingus Mingus: Silke Eberhard, as/ Niklaus Neuser, Tp/ Christian Marien, Dr

Flow: Oliver Lake, Sax/ Joe Fonda, B/ M J Stevens, P/ Emil Gross, Dr

Cantiere: Szilard Mezei, Viola/ Tim Trevor Briscoe, as, Ts, Bcl/ Nicola Guazzaloca, P

Bay’s Leap
Swans over Dorking: Noel Taylor, Cl/ Claire Simmonds, P/ James Barralet, Cello

Michael Vlatkovich | Pfmentum
Mortality: M Vatkovich Ensemblio

Good Bye Red Rose: Chefa Alonso, Ss/ Tony Marsh, Perc

Carolyn Hume
the Lightning Bell: Carolyn Hume, P/ Sonia Hammond, Cello/ Charlie Beresford, G, Vo

the Fold: Tim O’dwyer/ C L Hubsch/ Bassem Hawar/ Carl Rosman/ Saad Thamir

Extended Techniques NYC Calendar for September 2016 

Composer Arvo Pärt

Source: Extended Techniques.

WEDNESDAY, September 7—SUNDAY, September 11
7:30 and 3 PM The Loser
Libretto, music, and stage direction by David Lang
Commissioned by BAM
Produced by Bang on a Can
VENUE: BAM Howard Gilman Opera House
ADMISSION: $30 and up

THURSDAY, September 8
8 PM Oren Ambarchi, Zeena Parkins and Brian Chase
VENUE: First Unitarian Congregational Society
ADMISSION: $10 – 20

FRIDAY, September 9
8 PM An Gléacht, a film by Caoimhín Breathnach & Jennifer Walshe
2015, 30 min, digital
The film will feature live accompaniment by David Grubbs, Okkyung Lee and Jennifer Walshe, preceded by a talk about Aisteach project
VENUE: Anthology Film Archives

SATURDAY, September 10
8PM Tim Berne (sax) & John Hébert (bass)
VENUE: Greenwich House Music School

SUNDAY, September 11
6PM: Camilo Angeles – flute (Peru), Chris Pitsiokos – Alto sax, Brandon Lopez, Contrabass
VENUE: Downtown Music Gallery

TUESDAY, September 13
10:30 PM Snakeoil
Tim Berne, saxophone/ compositions; Oscar Noriega, saxophone; Matt Mitchell, piano; Ches Smith, drums
VENUE: Korzo
ADMISSION: $10+$10 suggested cover

WEDNESDAY, September 14
Thollem McDonas (electric piano), ACVilla (projections)
VENUE: Park Church Co-Op

THURSDAY, September 15
8 PM Steve Reich: Variations
Performers: Ensemble Signal
Works: Daniel Variations (2006), You Are (Variations) (2004)
VENUE: Miller Theatre at Columbia University
ADMISSION: $30-$65

THURSDAY, September 15
8 PM Elliott Sharp’s Vivarium
Elliott Sharp’s Vivarium
VENUE: Roulette
ADMISSION: $15- $25

FRIDAY, September 16
8 PM David Tudor by John Driscoll and Phil Edelstein //John Driscoll // Phil Edelstein
A part of 9 Evenings + 50 series that recognizes and celebrates the 50th anniversary of 9 Evenings: Theatre & Engineering — the music, dance and theater performances held in October 1966 at the 69th Regiment Armory on Lexington Avenue and 25th Streety in New York City.
VENUE: Fridman Gallery
ADMISSION: $20 – 15

FRIDAY, September 16
8 PM Ikue Mori: Pomegranate Seeds // World Premiere of Obelisk
Ikue Mori’s Pomegranate Seed, a live audio-visual performance inspired by the story of the same from Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Tanglewood Tales
The world premiere of her new group Obelisk, featuring Sylvie Courvoisier on piano, Okkyung Lee on cello and Jim Black on drums.
Ikue Mori: Pomegranate Seeds // World Premiere of Obelisk
VENUE: Roulette
ADMISSION: $15- $25

SATURDAY, September 17
3:45 PM Steve Swell Trio
Steve Swell – trombone
Michael Foster – saxophones
Weasel Walter – drums
VENUE: Children’s Magical Garden – Raza y Resistencia
129 Stanton east of Essex Street

SATURDAY, September 17
7 PM Julia Den Boer, piano
Alvin Lucier: Music for Piano with Slow Sweep Pure Wave Oscillator (1992)
Michael Finnissy: Folklore I (1994)
Rebecca Saunders: Crimson (2004)
Ashkan Behzadi: Cronistoria Plastico (2014)
for piano and electronics
/w Ashkan Behzadi, electronics
VENUE: Spectrum

SUNDAY, September 18
2PM JP Carletti “Xul” Trio
Ingrid Laubrock – tenor sax
William Parker – bass
Juan Pablo Carletti – drums
VENUE: Children’s Magical Garden – Raza y Resistencia
129 Stanton east of Essex Street

SUNDAY, September 18
Vox Clamantis, Estonian Vocal Ensemble
Psalm 21
Arvo Pärt – Kleine Litanei
Gregorian introit Gaudeamus
Arvo Pärt – Alleluia-Tropus
Arvo Pärt – Da pacem Domine
Arvo Pärt – And One of the Pharisees
Gregorian Kyrie
Arvo Pärt – The Deer’s Cry
Arvo Pärt – Summa
Perotinus Suur – Beata viscera
Arvo Pärt – Most Holy Mother of God
Helena Tulve – Ole tervitatud, Maarja!
Tõnis Kaumann – Ave Maria
Arvo Pärt – Virgencita
VENUE: Church of St. Francis Xavier

SUNDAY, September 18
7 PM Ned Rothenberg’s 60th Birthday Party: A Benefit For Roulette
Featuring: John Zorn, Muhal Richard Abrams, George Lewis, Sylvie Courvoisier, Ikue Mori, Mark Feldman, Jim Staley, Gamin, Mivos Quartet, Ned Rothenberg
Erik Friedlander, Marty Ehrlich
+Special Guests
Ned Rothenberg’s 60th Birthday Party: A Benefit For Roulette
VENUE: Roulette

SUNDAY, September 18
8:30 PM Susan Alcorn
Nate Wooley – Trumpet
Susan Alcorn – Pedal Steel
Mary Halvorson – Guitar
Ryan Sawyer – Drums
VENUE: Ibeam

SUNDAY, September 18
8 PM David Behrman, Alvin Lucier // Zeena Parkins // Carver Audain
A part of 9 Evenings + 50 series
VENUE: Fridman Gallery
ADMISSION: $20 – 15

TUESDAY, September 20
8 PM Christian Wolff // Lesley Flanigan // Andrew Demirjian, Kenneth Kirschner
A part of 9 Evenings + 50 series
VENUE: Fridman Gallery
ADMISSION: $20 – 15

WEDNESDAY, September 21
8 PM John Cage by Daniel Neumann // Gordon Mumma // Roberto Carlos Lange
A part of 9 Evenings + 50 series
VENUE: Fridman Gallery
ADMISSION: $20 – 15

SATURDAY, September 24
8 PM Pauline Oliveros, Seth Cluett // Maria Chavez
A part of 9 Evenings + 50 series
VENUE: Fridman Gallery
ADMISSION: $20 – 15

SATURDAY, September 24
7PM and 9PM Ken Vandermark + The FEW
VENUE: Manhattan Inn (632 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn)
ADMISSION: $12 advance, $15 doors

SUNDAY, September 25
3:45PM Laubrock / Rainey Duo
Ingrid Laubrock – tenor sax
Tom Rainey – drums
VENUE: 6BC Garden – Race and Resistance
E. 6 Street between Ave B & C

MONDAY, September 26
10 PM Smith/Bernstein/Wooley
Wayne Smith Jr. (drums), Sarah Bernstein (violin), Nate Wooley (trumpet)
VENUE: 65Fen Music Series
ADMISSION: $10 suggested donation

TUESDAY, September 27
8 PM Ches Smith/Craig Taborn/Mat Maneri
Ches Smith (drums, vibraphone) Craig Taborn (piano) Mat Maneri (viola)
10 PM Ches Smith/Craig Taborn/Mat Maneri: with electricity
Ches Smith (drums, electronics) Craig Taborn (keyboards) Mat Maneri (viola)
VENUE: The Stone
ADMISSION: $20 (each set)

TUESDAY, September 27
8PM & 9:30 PM
Ingrid Laubrock’s Ubatuba
Ingrid Laubrock, tenor sax, comp.; Tim Berne, alto sax; Ben Gerstein, trombone; Dan Peck, tuba; Tom Rainey, drums
VENUE: Cornelia St. Café
ADMISSION: $20 cover includes a drink

THURSDAY, September 29
8 PM Anna Webber, Jennifer Choi, Nate Wooley, Oscar Noriega, Ches Smith
Anna Webber (flute) Jennifer Choi (violin) Nate Wooley (trumpet) Oscar Noriega (clarinets) Ches Smith (percussion, drum machine)
New compositions and improvisations for chamber ensemble.
VENUE: The Stone

FRIDAY, September 30
8:15 PM David Rothenberg, Charlie Rauh, John Wieczorek
Charlie Rauh, guitar
David Rothenberg, clarinets
John Wieczorek, percussion
VENUE: Shapeshifter Lab