AMN Reviews: John Butcher / Thomas Lehn / Matthew Shipp – Tangle (2016; Fataka)

coverSo here’s a trio that apparently has not recorded together previously. Butcher and Shipp are both well-known improvisors, on the sax and piano, respectively. Lehn is not as known on this side of the pond, but has been kicking around Europe for decades, performing with Marcus Schmickler, Keith Rowe, Radu Malfatti, Axel Dörner, Gerry Hemingway, and Andy Moor among many others. Lehn is also a founding member of the trio Konk Pack, with Tim Hodgkinson and Roger Turner. Here, he contributes analog synth.

In any case, Tangle documents a 43-minute set recorded live at London’s Cafe Oto in February of 2014. What is unexpected, if not remarkable, about this recording, are the roles played by Shipp and Butcher. The former’s name is virtually synonymous with free-jazz piano, though he might eschew that label.  Nonetheless, Shipp reins in his outside leanings and takes on a more staid approach, at least when compared to his co-conspirators. This is not to say that he plays it straight, but he does contribute from a more formal, classical bent.

In contrast, Butcher provides his intellectual take on sax blowing, employing extended techniques and controlled chaos when appropriate, but remaining angular even when reining himself in. Through all of this, Lehn peeks out of the background from time to offer noise patterns both constructive and destructive. In a sense, he is a perfect counterpart to the two instrumentalists, as his modernism fills the spaces that the other two create.

Free-improv, noise, call it what you will. Tangle is aptly-titled. This is a dense, reflective piece that will take the listener some time to unpack. To use an appropriate cliche, Fataka has captured lightning in a bottle with this release.

September at New York’s Spectrum

English: Tyshawn Sorey at moers festival 2010

Source: Spectrum.

– David Whitwell’s Radical Brass (Sept. 4)

Michael Hersch Festival (Concert I – Sept. 7)

– Michael Hersch Festival (Concert II – Sept. 8)

– Hans Tammen’s Dark Circuits Series feat. Judy Dunaway (Sept. 9)

– Friday Night Jazz: Spectral Interzone with Kyoko Kitamura & Nicolas Letman-Burtinovic (Sept. 9)

– Mick Rossi’s Outliers Series feat. Mick Rossi’s 160 Band (Sept. 10)
Album Release Show for Rossi’s 160 feat. Rossi, Erik Friedlander, Michael Bates & Mark Ferber

– Virginia Guastella (Italy) (Sept. 10)

– Michael Hersch Festival (Concert III Closing Night – Sept. 11)

– Frauke Aulbert (Sept. 12)

– Nicolas Horvath (Sept. 14)

– Robert Morris Festival (Concert I – Sept. 15)
Augustus Arnone and Robert Morris

– Robert Morris Festival (Concert II – Sept. 16)
Augustus Arnone and Margaret Kampmeier

– Zach Seely’s *(con)temporary (in)sights Series with Julia Den Boer (Sept. 17)

– Robert Morris Festival (Concert III – Sept. 17)
Augustus Arnone’s Collide-O-Scope Music

– Robert Morris Festival (Concert IV – Sept. 18)
Robert Morris Conversation; JACK Quartet

– Guy Barash’s Eavesdropping & HIP Lit present HEXENTEXTE (Sept. 18)
James Moore, Kathleen Supove, Jennifer Choi, James Ilgenfritz & Meaghan Burke

– Jose Menor (Sept. 24)

– Reinterpretations Series with Ramin Arjomand (Sept. 25)

– Title Pending Series with Stuart Breczinski & Laura Weiner (Sept. 25)

– Gabriel Zucker’s Weighting feat. Tyshawn Sorey, Adam O’Farrill & Eric Trudel (Sept. 26)

– Meet the Bostons celebrate Kimi Pau’s 35th Birthday (Sept. 26)

– Violin, Viola & Video Virtuosity Part II presented by Karen Bentley Pollick (Sept. 28)

– Rebow Ensemble (Sept. 30)
Alyssa Greengrass, et al

– Felix Del Tredici feat. Weston Olencki (Sept. 30)

San Francisco Symphony to Perform a week of Steve Reich

American composer Steve Reich performing clapp...

Source: San Francisco Symphony.

San Francisco Symphony and Michael Tilson Thomas Announce Details of Week-long Celebration Honoring Composer Steve Reich’s 80th Birthday September 7–11, 2016 at Davies Symphony Hall

Opening Night Gala Concert Features Reich’s Three Movements (Sept. 7)

Two Additional Concerts Feature Three Movements and Double Sextet (Sept. 9–10)

Celebration Culminates with Steve Reich: an American Maverick
Sunday, September 11, 2016. All-Reich Program Features members of the San Francisco Symphony with Special Guests Kronos Quartet, Eighth Blackbird, Derek Johnson, and Percussion Students from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Three “New” Frank Zappa Releases

English: Frank Zappa, © 1977 Mark Estabrook. 1...


“Meat Light: The Uncle Meat Project/Object Audio Documentary”: 3CD celebrating the 40th anniversary of “Uncle Meat”.

“Chicago 78”: This 2CD Vaulternative Records concert release finds Zappa & band at the Uptown Theater, Chicago, IL – September 29, 1978. Of the two shows played that evening, the late show is captured here in its entirety.

“Little Dots”: Little Dots is the sequel to 2005’s “Imaginary Diseases.” It features additional hand-picked selections from the Maestro himself of the 10-piece ‘Petit Wazoo’ tour of late 1972. Although FZ worked on this material during different time periods throughout the 70s and 80s, nothing was ever officially released.