Vital Weekly Reviews 1046

LPD vocalist Edward Ka-Spel on the piano and N...

Source: Vital Weekly.

Machinefabriek — Crumble (Cd by Machinefabriek) *
Christoph Erb &; Frantz Loriot – Sceneries (Cd by Creative Sources)
Riuchi Daijo & Keitutsu Murai & Tetsuro Fujimaki — Reach out to Touch (Cd by Meenna) *
Ryoko Akama & Ko Ishikawa & Bruno Duplant — 2 Compositions (Cd by Meenna) *
Kompjotr Eplektrika — Polyspaerion (Lp by Eplektrik Audio)
Michael Esposito & Dave Phillips — the Ghosts of Freaks (7″ Flexi Disc by Phantom Plastics)
the Silverman — Assembling Witness (Cdr by Terminal Kaleidoscope) *
Edward Ka-spel — Spectrescapes Volume 3 (Cdr by Terminal Kaleidoscope) *
the Legendary Pink Dots — Festive (2cdr by Terminal Kaleidoscope) *
Stanislav Vdovin & Olga Shaydullina — Magic Theatre (Cdr by Occasion) *
Margaret Unknown & Markus Krispel (Cdr by Setola Di Maiale/chmafu Nocords)
Laboratorio Musicale Suono C & Peter Brötzmann – Decomposition (Cdr by Setola Di Maiale)
Surface Hoar/rabbit Girls — Shamed into Love (Cdr by Roil Noise)
Dan O’connor — In/Ex (Cdr by Tone List) *
Ben Bennett & John Collins Mccormick — Pluperfect (Cd by Eh? Records) *
Leonard & Day & Jerman — Isinglass (Cassette by Eh? Records)
Anla Courtis & Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson — We Think We Sound (Cassette, Private)
Fletcher Pratt — Dub Sessions, Volume 3 (Cassette by Crash Symbols)
Hillboggle — Up the Country with Hillboggle (Cassette by Crash Symbols)
Clarke Robinson — Industry & Indifference (Cassette, Private) *
Clarke Robinson — Selling Fear & Ad Units (Cassette, Private) *