AMN Reviews: Santi Costanzo – Deeprint (2016; Improvvisatore Involontario)

0a4e60_168795db34a04ea88a107ddee64a4a46-mv2Guitarist Santi Costanzo leads his unusual quartet through eight original compositions on his debut recording “Deeprint.” The pieces are an interesting blend of composition and improvisation. Costanzo cites the influence of both jazz and twentieth century classical serialism as the basis of his compositions. This is not “3rd stream” music, it is contemporary creative music that moves effortlessly back and forth from the composed to the improvised.

The quartet is made up of Santi Costanzo electric guitar, Alessandro Borgia drums, Carlo Cattano alto flute, baritone saxophone and Fabio Tiralongo flute, soprano and tenor saxophone. It is interesting that there is no traditional rhythm section – bass and drums. The drums tend to punctuate and add color instead of just keeping time. The bass role can fall to the guitar or one of the saxophones however most of the time the combination of the flutes, saxophones and guitar drift between foreground and background as each instrumentalist moves from melody to solo to accompaniment to group improvisation.

“Deeprint” opens with the reflective solo electric guitar of “Preludio” and closes with the counterpoint of flutes against the ballad like swing of ‘Epilogo”. Along the way it can sound like jazz or avant-rock or contemporary chamber music or even like the more atonal moments of RIO (Rock in Opposition). “Deeprint” is a journey worth hearing.

Chris De Chiara