Upcoming Mary Halvorson Performances

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Saturday, August 27th @ Saalfelden Jazz Festival (Saalfelden, Austria)
Tomeka Reid Quartet
Tomeka Reid (cello), Mary Halvorson (guitar), Jason Roebke (bass) & Tomas Fujiwara (drums)

Thursday, September 1st @ Sant’anna Aressi Jazz Festival (Sardinia, Italy)
Tomeka Reid Quartet
Tomeka Reid (cello), Mary Halvorson (guitar), Jason Roebke (bass) & Tomas Fujiwara (drums)

Friday, September 9th @ Creative Alliance (3134 Eastern Ave, Baltimore) 7pm & 9:30pm
Michael Formanek’s Ensemble Kolossus
with Loren Stillman, Oscar Noriega, Chris Speed, Brian Settles, Tim Berne, Dave Ballou, Ralph Alessi, Shane Endsley, Kirk Knuffke, Alan Ferber, Jacob Garchik, Ben Gerstein, Jeff Nelson, Patricia Brennan, Mary Halvorson, Kris Davis, and Tomas Fujiwara

New Releases From Setola di Maiale

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Carlo Actis Dato and Enzo Rocco are two great musicians who playing together for many years, with several recordings and concerts on five continents. Their artistic understanding is vibrant and telepathic, the language is strict but often humorous. In this recording they celebrate 20 years of activity of the duo! Recorded live by Andrea Grandi for Associazione Alice Nella Città (Castelleone) in February 2016. Both musicians are also on other albums by Setola di Maiale, in different ensembles.


Creative combo from New York, lead by Jeff Platz with other fantastic musicians. The album was recorded in April 2015 at Wombat Studio, Brooklyn and engineered, mixed and mastered by Ross Bonadonna.


Great music based on Departure, a composition by Yoko Miura (Tokyo, Japan). They are both very active musicians, especially Gianni Mimmo (Pavia, Italy) who is always around for concerts and also, runs the excellent Amirani Records, one of the best Italian label focused on improvisation and new music, with an international catalogue. This album was recorded at Mu.Rec Studio (ex Barigozzi) in Milan, on November 9th, 2015. They are also on other albums on Setola di Maiale, in different ensembles.

AMN Reviews: Chvad SB – Phenomenalism Cartesian Doubt and Bomb #20 [Silber Media]

a1207993938_16Some of the systems art of the late 1960s and early 1970s—for example, Sol LeWitt’s modular lattice sculptures or Mel Bochner’s number grids—embodied a certain regularity of form. A systematic regularity, one might say. A basic element might be repeated at constant intervals or an input sequence subjected to a defined operation. By contrast, some other systemic artworks—integral serialist compositions, for example–produced surfaces of unpredictable, irregularly occurring events from an underlying set of rules. In either case the systems generating the artworks featured a certain autonomy requiring little or no ongoing oversight from the artist. Chvad SB’s Phenomenalism Cartesian Doubt and Bomb #20, a long piece for modular synthesizer, leverages carefully crafted feedback loops into a soundwork that essentially plays itself.

With its collection of fragmentary musical gestures, Phenomenalism sounds something like the pointillist serial works of the mid-20th century—it’s possible to hear in it a refigured echo of Milton Babbitt’s compositions for the RCA Mark II synthesizer of the early 1960s, for example. Like those compositions, Phenomenalism aggregates individual pitch sequences and timbres into a kaleidoscopic sound of playful unpredictability. Also like those compositions, the pleasure of the surface sounds requires no knowledge of the systems underlying them.


Daniel Barbiero

Tzadik August Releases

John Zorn (cropped version)

Source: Tzadik.

Frank London : The Debt

Frank London, a major voice in today’s Jewish music renaissance, who has worked with the likes of LLCooI J, LaMonte Young, Jane Siberry and Gal Costa, is a trumpetist, composer, arranger and musical scholar of startling range and creativity. The Debt is the first collection of his work for film and theater, and contains a wide variety of his musical obsessions: Latin grooves, Mingus-style jazz arrangements, classical chamber compositions, moody sound pieces, funky bachelor pad music and a gorgeous suite scored for six female voices. Over forty of New York’s greatest musicians are brought here in a variety of ensembles making this one of the most exciting and eclectic releases by one of the most active musicians in the Downtown scene.

John Zorn : Commedia Dell’arte

A fabulous and multifaceted suite celebrating the vibrant Italian dramatic form Commedia dell’arte that began in the 16th century and flourishes to this day. The classic archetypical characters Harlequin, Colombina, Scaramouch, Pulcinella and Pierrot are evoked in five compositional miniatures for small chamber ensembles: brass quintet, cello quartet, piano trio, vocal quartet and woodwinds. Premiered at the Guggenheim Museum in early 2016, the music contains some of Zorn’s finest writing and is a delight from first note to last. Over 20 of New York’s greatest musicians are involved in this exciting and varied suite of miniature masterpieces.

Unnatural Ways : We Aliens

A lynchpin of the Oakland rock/improv scene and now based in Brooklyn, Ava Mendoza has been taking Downtown NY by storm, performing with many of the best musicians around and leading her own dynamite bands. Her cutting edge guitar playing is front and center here in nine hard-edged and steely blues-tinged rock instrumentals. With a twisted sensibility and plenty of shredding, psychedelic effects and surprises, the music features Tim Dahl (Child Abuse, Lydia Lunch Retrovirus, Pulverize the Sound) on bass and Sam Ospovat (Enablers, Beep, Naytronix) on drums. Unnatural Ways is a tight, exciting new band out of the burgeoning Brooklyn scene.

Vital Weekly Reviews 1045

logoSource: Vital Weekly.

No Mask Effect — Nothing out There (Cd by Psychonavigation Records) *
Rapoon — Wanderlust (Cd by Winter-light) *
Wolfram — X (Cd by Monotype Records) *
Anne-f Jacques & Tim Olive — Tooth Car (Cd by Intonema) *
K. leimer — Re-enact (Cd by Palace of Lights)
K. leimer — Closed System Potentials (Lp by Palace of Lights)
Marc Barreca — Twilight (Lp by Palace of Lights)
Todd Anderson-kunert — Where There Is Nothing Left to Say (Lp by Nonlinear) *
Mogador — Overflow Pool (Lp by Further Records) *
Aume — Augere Urendum Mentis Epode (Lp, Private)
Felix Feneon/Nurse with Wound — Les Ventres Et Autres Contes/Lonely Poisonous Mushroom (Book and Mini Cd by Lenka Lente) *
DE Fabriek — Remixes Vol. 7 (Cdr, Private) *
Florian Von Ameln — Rvvr (Cdr by Eilean Records) *
ØJerum — Vaev (Cdr by Eilean Records) *
Thirteen Hurts — Uvb-76(cdr by No Part of It) *
Arvo Zylo — Hello Waves (Cdr by No Part of It) *
Senji Niban/the Moth Poets — Live at the River Lounge (Cdr by Bearsuit Records)
Quibus — Save Some (Cdr by Shipwreck Records)
Ilia Belorukov — There Was Hardly Anybody There (Cassette by Spina! Records) *