Sound American: The Anthony Braxton Issue

Source: Sound American.

Anthony Braxton: A Constant Presence by SA Editor Nate Wooley

An Anthony Braxton Overview by Taylor Ho Bynum

An Introduction to Language Music by Nate Wooley featuring a very special set of solo recordings of each of the Language Types by past and current collaborators including Ingrid Laubrock, Kyoko Kitamura, Anne Rhodes, Joe Morris, Adam Matlock, Matt Welch, James Fei, Tomeka Reid, Jason Kao Hwang, Carl Testa, Chris McIntyre, Aaron Siegel, and Katie Young.

Ghost Trance Music by Erica Dicker

The Trillium Cycle by Katherine Young

Echo Echo Mirror House Music by Carl Testa

Syntactical Ghost Trance Music: A Conversation with Kyoko Kitamura and Anne Rhodes

A never before published interview between Anthony Braxton and the author of Forces in Motion, Graham Lock, made during the early transition to Ghost Trance Music and the Trillium opera cycle.