AMN Reviews: Andrè Gonçalves – Currents & Riptides [Shhpuma SHH019CD]

SHH019CD-COVER-800The currents and riptides of Andrè Gonçalves’s two track release move slowly through a placed body of water. The twenty-seven-and-a-half minute Long Story Short, which in addition to Gonçalves’s modular synthesizer, guitar and Fender Rhodes features Pedro Boavida also on Fender Rhodes, is a slow, atmospheric track in which fragments of melody float above chirping electronics, electric chaff and crackle, and bass notes not quite coalescing into a line. Will Be Back in a Few, which adds Rodrigo Dias on bass and Gonçalo Silva on guitar, reworks a classic ambient sound by putting slowly rocking notes against a nearly stationary ground implying a major key. Both tracks seem to be dispatches from a horse latitudes of sound.

Daniel Barbiero