Vital Weekly Reviews 1044

Source: Vital Weekly.

L’eclipse Nue — Zayin (Cd by (Cd by Shiver to Death Recordings) *
Thomas Tilly — Test/tone Documents (Cd by Drone Sweet Drone) *
Grego Applegate Edwards – Travels in Tyme (Cd by Ruby Flowers)
Robert Dick & Ursel Schlicht – the Galiliean Moons (Cd by Nemu)
Autopsia — In Vivo (Cd by Death Continues) *
Ensemble Phoenix Basel & Jerome Noetinger — Les Voix DE L’invisble
(Lp by Bocian Records) *
Matthew Atkins — Imaginary Cartography (Cdr by Minimal Resource Manipulation) *
Santiago Astaburuaga — Grado DE Potencia #1 (Cdr by Caduc) *
Taku Sugimoto — Mada (Cdr by Caduc) *
San Andreas — Old Men Dream in Reverse (3″cdr by the Ceiling) *
Nick Storring — Exaptations (Cassette by Notice Recordings)
Chris Strickland — Excruciating Circumstances in the Kingdom of Ends
(Cassette by Notice Recordings)
Erik Levander — Mimesis/utveckling (Cassette by Kosmisk Väg)
Coldsore — Hostile Environments (Cassette by Totstellen) *
Libbe Matz Gang/coldsore — [0+0=0] (Splitcassette by Totstellen) *
Grmmsk/mental Hell — Ghett Okidz (Splitcassette by Totstellen) *
Grmmsk/kemia — True Lows (Splitcassette by Totstellen) *
Grmmsk — One World/nowhere to Hide (Lp by Sozialistischer Plattenbau)